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Friday, 9 December 2011

Boots Haul


I get sent vouchers from boots from time to time due to ticking for this when I signed up for my advantage card.
I got a voucher for 1/2 off any no.17 lip product.
I thought I would try this lip stick I think in the end I paid just over 2.00 for it
Nude colour -mirror shine range - very moisturising.
Colour range is not great to be fair!

Spend 15.00 on loreal and get a free gift box!

- Love this mascarra so knew that I would deffo have to get that, and didnt know what else to get but these lip gloss's are FAB! amazing my lips look so good with this on! so glamourous!

The free gift box looks like this....
makes a good gift to be fair !

What you get.
- A full size eye liner in a gorgeous metalic bronze colour
- A full size blusher in 'blondes' as you can see its stunning and has 3 shades to it and a built in mirror and brush
- A full size lipstick in natural
- And some various samples

Great for a freebie!


I also got my regular x3 mouse foundations as they were a 3 for 2
and some perfume.
I used my double points voucher too and had a coupon for 4.00 worth of points when I spent 40.00.
Think I will save my points all year now =)
Just to see out of interest how many I can get!


I finally got naked and got an all nighter - Thanks UD

I finally got the naked pallette and the all nighter make up setting spray!
As NAKED2 is coming out - Ive only just got NAKED1 but I will be making an effort to get NAKED2 ASAP!

So in debenhams they were having a 15% off event on fragrance and beauty so I decided to get these 2 items and I think the two of them came to less than 45.00
Which is amazing.
And I am so impressed with the setting spray - I have done the most awful beauty deed and gone to bed with make up on and my make up has been fine in the morning its so amazing (with liquid foundation anyway) mousse foundation is a different story.

I love all of the colours in it and the blush is excellent!
I hope I dont loose the brush!

A few close ups of all of the colours and of course you get a mini primer potion in the kit aswell.

Yay for urban decay pallettes and the make up setting spray!! x

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bodyshop haul. 3/12/11

Bodyshop Haul

Love your body members got 30% off everything.
I had been eyeing up 2 of these products for ages - The candle and the vit C face mist.
I wanted the candle to relax and something to clam my room in my hectic sometimes horrible job.
The vit C I will spritz on my skin before applying make up to wake my skin up a bit =)
And I have very dry skin around my eyes since starting an acne treatment so wanted a very gentle eye make up remover!
I also got a voucher save 10 pound when you spend 25.
Plus I will be on my 4th stamp and so will get another 5pounds off.
All good !

I had this burning all morning - so its been on for abut 4 hours and hardly made a dent in it


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I also made another order from lush today which I will be doing another haul soon when it arrives =)


Friday, 2 December 2011

Lush Haul 2/12/11


Ive been planning another visit to lush for a few weeks im not feeling well and thought I would get some nice bath stuff to help me over this horrible feeling. Seems like me and lush are building some bridges after me not being very happy with their company for some time. Anyway... here is what I got today...

Im trying to get my hair to go a bit lighter its naturally a ash blonde so thought daddy-o shampoo may help and Ive always been a fan of american cream so thought I would get that too =0 And it made more sense (moneywise to buy the bigger sizes) works out cheaper!
And I got a geo-fizz for the bath to help me with this ridiculous cold.

Never had the twilight bath bomb before and these fella's are huge!!!
They smell amazing and I hope they will help me to sleep.
Fantastic =)

I had a little lush pud before but not a cinders.
These two smell divine - Can not wait to try these guys out =)

I have a lot of stress at the moment with starting a new job and have a lot of blemish's - whilst I am using a over thr counter proper medicated acne treatment I love the smell of this mask so decided to get one of these 'cupcake' chocolate smelling masks - I love them.
I also got a chunk of honey I washed the kids with they 'thingy' bit on it - you guys know what I mean =) Think this was just over 3.00 this slice and the slice of porridge was around 6.00 - I love porridge so creamy and so gently exfoliating =)

The iglu scrub is a new one on me - I think its expensive for the amount you get but I could smell it through a blocked up nose so thought 'hey why not?'

I think all this came to arounf 60.00 and I got a special edition lush canvas bag which was 3.00 I think.

Now im working on back on track I plan to do regular hauls

Mac Haul. 02/12/11 Pic heavy!

Mac Haul.

I lust after Mac - Its never been a brand I have been able to afford to buy usually. But comparing prices sometimes its easier and much more with it to go straight for Mac. I have tried their studio fix fluid in the past (and hated it) and Ive had a few lippies never much else. So I wanted to try their eye shaddows.

I seen the glitter and Ice collection and wanted 2 of the paint pots but they are sold out online and in the store I went to =(
And one of the lip sticks from the collection is too! Such a shame! They were stunning.

Here is what I got anyway:
Gorgeous Box
Sturdy packaging
But design a bit tacky!

The six eye shaddows.

The six eye shaddows close up (flash on)


Nice selection of nudes - not bad for a 1st time little eye kit from mac =)

.... Lipsticks....

This is my 3rd lipstick in pretty please now. =) I dont go into the city often so thought I may aswell get a back up of this as mine is running low. I also wanted a nude - I love pale lips but hate that 'I have concealer on my lips look so wanted a very nude lipstick' I got the 1st one I picked up - I hope I dont regret it. The nude is called crem d'nude (dunno if thats spelt right) and the pink is obviously pretty please. Which brings me onto the fact that these 3 items cost me a pretty packet. Hope I dont loose these or they go in the wash like others have in the past.

All authentic pics of real products see receipt below. Cost me 52.20 at debenhams for these 3 items.
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Sunday, 20 November 2011

My Top 3 soap and Glory Products

Top 5 Soap and glory products.

1. I love this perfume 50ml - Very gorgeous. Very grown up fragrance. Really nice bottle and comes in some very nice packaging. I love this!
15.83 not bad for 50mls considering what other brands charge and I dont think there perfumes are half as nice as this one.

2. Hand Food - Lovely handcream smells gorgeous. The same smell as the perfume above. Sinks into the hands lovely. White in colour and very nice smooth ritch consitancy.
Amazing at 4.85 for 125ml.
They also do this in the mini which is 50ml 2.35
So it is worth buying the bigger size as you get more product for your money.

3. Flake away body scrub - amazing texture - smells amazing - you get a great big tub of the stuff which will last ages.
6.64 for a full size tub. (Minis are also avalible)

Soap and Glory - Return to Slender.

Soap & Glory Return to Slender.

The Product

The Packaging.... Very nice but I feel the packaging was way to big for the amount of product that it contained. You know them sweet bags when they have like 20 sweets and you get this huge bag. It was kind of like that. But packaging very pretty.

The consistancy of the product... I hated the consistency of the product YOU COULD SEE OIL seperate from the product at times and if the product was left to stand and you didnt shake the tube on a few occasions all I got out was this oil. Very discusting and off putting. The product smelt slighhtly minty and fresh and once on the skin it had this cooling effect meaning if you apply it after the shower and dont get dressed quick enough you end up freezing to death. gross. Some times whilst rubbing the product in it was very sticky and hard to rub in.

Does the product work?

I dont feel that this product works - not even a placebo effect. It is absolutly awful! For the money and the time and effort you have to put into this regime I think it is not worth the effort. But what do you expect for a corner cutting quick fix. My advice is if you want to loose weight go on a diet and go to the gym, long term results will not be gained by this. I think this product relys on making the skin softer and less bumpy to give the apprance of weight loss. An ordinary moisturiser can do that!

I wouldnt recomend this product at all.

Have you tried this product?
Did it work for you?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tea tree moisturiser Superdrug 30ml

Superdrug Tea Tree mosituriser
2.92p (30ml)

What superdrug says about the product

This light, soothing, non-greasy moisturiser is enriched with the moisturising ingredients Pro-vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. Easily absorbed into the skin, this refreshing formula is ideal for use on oily or spot prone skin.
Tea Tree oil originates from Australia. It is a natural antibacterial agent known for its antiseptic healing properties. Peppermint oil is renowned for its therapeutic effect on skin disorders and for its cooling sensation.
Tea Tree – The Natural solution for everyday skincare problems

My opinion

I wanted the bodyshop tea tree moisturiser but didnt want to spend 7.00 on one, I seen this online on offer for 1/2 price so decided to give this a try 1st.
The packaging serves its purpose and its in a pump bottle which is brilliant for hygeine reasons but when Id used 1/2 the product I had to dismantle the packaging to get the left over product. So that was very un-cool.

I did notice such a difference with this misturiser and sits perfectly under foundation and is brilliant as a primer as once it has sank into the skin it does mattify the skin. The product also has a cooling effect on the skin which is good for skin which is aching/burning through achne. I loved this product and it is on a list in my room which is for products I have used up and need to repurchase. Its the best 1.50 Ive ever spent on anything in a skin care category. And I would pay the full price for it too.


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* Have you tried this product?
What did you think to it?*

Goodbye summer food.

Goodbye Summer Food.

Im missing summer food already, and Im already getting belly aches.
I want good old summer food back, like this fresh fish dish I had in the summer at a local restraunt near to my boyfriends house.

This was my food think this was 10.00 ish.
Fresh smoked salmon, calamari, prawns, macrel and gorgeous salad !
Smelly breath after the onions though.

Tims home made fish pie and salad.
Tim had this - he said it was really nice but some of the fish in it had been over cooked.

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Id love to hear that im not the only one missing summer food.
Roll on the summer!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Reveiw.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation reveiw.
In 51 Light Vanilla.
This is the lightest shade that they do.

Boots & superdrug both 9.99
Look out for 3 for 2 offers =)
Correct as of 12.11.11

As you can see I am almost through one bottle so thought I would reveiw the foundation for you!
Picture with flash off

Picture with flash on...

 The packaging.

Not exactly the most expensive looking packaging. But it serves its purpose.
A huge plus side to this packaging is that its designed so that all of the product will come out unlike some of maybellines foundations in the glass bottles - and a lot of other companies foundations for that matter. And a glass bottle is so much easier to break. I love this one and would go for this everytime. I think it would look more sleek and sexy in a black bottle but then it would be hard to choose the shade and after all  good well matched foundation is the sole purpose here.

Pump bottle & this pic also shows how you can get every last drop from the bottle due to the design. Although the plastic cap is so easy to loose.

Flash on...

Flash off...

The product.

Claims up to 16 hours glowing complection and toned skin.
And in it is
Apricot for radiance
Melon for hydration
Apple for anti-oxidant effect
Ginger for energy

The fundation its self smells great and non chemically.

The product has improved my skin and I would say it does live up to its claims however I wouldnt say 16 hours I would say 8/9 but then again I work in the emergency services ish so Im running around all day more than the usual. So maybe we should let them have the claim of 'up to 16 hours'.

I find it to be smooth, non greasy, easy to work with, easy to mix with other products, sits effortlessly over moisturiser, kind to skin.

I think its a very good coverage but could be slightly thicker in consistancy I feel but thats mainly because I have freckles and have to have them on show.

Im wearing the foundation here. The picture is taken with flash on - Hope you can all see the effect on my skin =)

Taking into account price, performance, packaging, I would give this product 5 stars.
I think its something I will always come back to.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know what you think of this foundation?

Friday, 11 November 2011

Fashion haul. Very rare. Dorothy Perkins & Foundations !

Very rare fasion haul.

Here is what I got.

I went shopping for 2 outfits
1 for graduation and 1 for graduation ball.
And did not want a dress.
I looked on the internet last night and seen a top from riverisland for 45.00 but when I found out dorothy perkins does nhs discount I went there 1st and Im glad I did as they had. *BUY 1 GET 1/2 OFF*

SO everything is from DOROTHY PERKINS.

Fur lined with real leather upper.
They have zips at the back and are gorgeous.
They also have these in black. I like this colour but also would have liked them in grey!

 Top - 29.50P
Gorgeous will not need jewlery with this. Will be great for graduation day - smart and will blend in with my cap and gown, without looking OTT.

A close up of the detail around the neck.

Graduation Ball TOP.
They also have this in pink and black but the black is slightly longer and narrower without the pleates (bit of a weird style if you ask me) They also do this top in pink but I think its very nice and may have a wedding to go to next year so its lovely for that aswell. Yes I am a cheap skate and I will wear it for 2 special events. I have no problem with that.

The sleve detail

A close up of the pleates. I <3 this top its just stunning.


This waistcoat is also absolutly fantastic - Pic does not do this item justice at all.
I got this in medium, designed not to do up. Its a lovely fit and really hangs nicely looks very expensive and feels expensive when  its worn too. I love the neutral colour blocks on this aswell. As I have so many things in my wardrobe that are black it will stop me looking like a funeral director.


Coat to me - Jacket to them.
I need something warm I had to get this in xxl as I wanted something really snug and if im wearing jumpers etc underneath then I need it to still do up. Amazing how the jacket above is Medium and this is XXL and from same shops. Honestly a little room for errors in size but thats RIDICULOUS.
ANYWAY 25.00 Im not complaining. Would have cost much more in primark more than likely.


I also got some black trousers which I wont bother showing because they are boring etc etc etc and they were 16.00


I got :
  • Boots
  • Blazer
  • Coat
  • x2 tops
  • Trousers
All for 140.00 as they were buy 1 get 1/2 off.
Thats the most I have ever spent on clothes in a single transaction. I HATE CLOTHES SHOPPING.

I needed some new foundation and it is 3 for 2 mix and match across all ranges in superdrug so I got.
Bourjois healthy mix in 51 (after swopping with another blogger who hated it I tried it and loved it enough to re-purchase), dream satin liquid and I got a dream matte mouse that all of you will have seen before. I got 3 foundations for under 20.00!!

Cover girl foundation 30mls - clean make up fragrance free - unsure of the shade but as you can see - very pale and that was a mere 1.99 from a local make up store we have that sells all kinds of beauty odds and sods if you like. They have other cover girl stuff at like 1.00 each.

I thought id include this pic of my choco lab looking out of the window to see who is coming back to the house bless him.


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What do you think of the deals I got today?
What do you think of the outfits?

My dog has a fat arse.