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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Im back for good!

Im back =)

Expect a lot of posts coming soon guys. 
New products out
Looks and more !

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Shopping: TK maxx, Bodyshop, Boots 28/6

Shopping day out.

Just browsing.

*I know some of you will find this discussing and others (the more normal among us - will drool) =) 

Hmmmmm Mc donalds new burger!


Stila pack all these items for 6.00 I really wanted the moisturizer and thought the glosses would be awful shades so decided to buy and swap the glosses on BUT i stuck lucky for once. And ill be keeping them all! All these for 2.00 each - amazong =) 

Close up's of the stila glosses.

God Knows!

God only knows what brand these are - never heard of them! Found on a sales thingy were 2.00 for all of them in a pack! Mini shower gels in various flavours! Why not for 2.00?

Aveeno eye cream 15ml 
Bf wanted a no7 one when we were in boots awful expensive to be fair for no7 so he has this one now.

Bodyshop sale make up

The eye colour shade close up 

My usual foundations nothing special!


2 Hair products from boots. Worked out cheaper than boots on brand and these weren't even on offer.

MAXFACTOR (spend 15.00 get a free gift)

I picked up the lightest shade in the 2nd skin foundation and then I fell in love with this mini nail varnish so soon came to 15.00 And got this adorable tin FREE

contents of the tin!
Wont use the varnish!

Bodyshop Seaweed essentials that I use everyday nowt special =) Well it is as it works superb for my skin but nothing exciting =)

Samples that came with a bag I brought from the bodyshop.
Thought I would try the onlive soap out - they look like they have changed the soaps and the packaging - the packing makes them look so much more expensive! But the soaps seem less see - through - any one very familiar with the body shop will hopefully know what I mean. Tea tree blotting papers because I can become a grease ball.

Close up of the soap!

Everything is about bloody argan this and argan that in hair care at the min so picked these up. Never heard of them before but a woman stopped me and asked me where I got them from so.... ? who knows.

White musk gift cube =)


Me and my bf love this perfume (he dont wear it obv) he means for me. I used to wear it in 1st yr of uni when we first met so it has the smell of all them drunken nights out etc And was a bargain at 15.00 for 100ml. 
w7 primer from tk maxx into primers at the min - will give anything ago being 

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Monday, 25 June 2012

New finger nails !

Quick Post
New nails.
Nails inc
Coleville mews and burlington arcade.

Aimee x

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lush forum special & New pedicure!

Lush forum special items from June 2012

My total order came to over 70.00!
I got x2 500g blue skies bubble bath 
x2 2 timing tart bubble bar!
x1 Violet (daddy-o) smelling soap (100g)
x6 I am 10 bubble bars which smell of american cream!
x2 Happy blooming shower jelly which smell like the happy blooming bath melts =)
The happy blooming is my fave so far!

There were loads of retro items on offer plus some exclusive hair care!

Close up of my fave Item happy blooming shower jelly.

I hate my feet but as brand alley are still taking the time with my gorgeous bag in this blue color I needed my blue fix so ordered nails inc in BAKER ST and applied it to my feet =)
Along with berlington arcade on the big toes and 1 random silver nail gem. I used Barry m top coat and nails inc a & e treatment as a base coat =)

I was very reluctant to show my feet but anyway ! ... 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Urban Decay Naked 1 Imposer

Urban Decay Naked 1 Imposer!

When on the facebook page of MUA I found that they had mentioned a new 12 shade eye pallet that would soon be out! I brought this online with my own money, costing 4.00

Here is the comparison 

Photo 1... Do you see the similarities?

Photo 2...

Prob not the best picture but...

Just incase....

Mua  1- virgin
Mua  2  - sin
Mua 3 - Naked 
Mua 4 - Sidecar
Mua 5 - Buck
Mua 6 - Half Baked
Mua 7 - Smog
Mua 8 - Darkhorse
Mua 9 - Toasted
Mua 10 - Hustle
Mua 11 - Creep
Mua 12 - Gunmetal


Left is Mua 1 and Right is Urban decay Virgin!

Left is Mua shade 2 Right is Urban Decay Sin

Left is Mua shade 3 Right is urban decay Naked

Left is Urban decay Sidecar Left is Mua shade 4

Left is Mua shade 5 Right is Urban decay in Buck

Bottom is Mua shade 6, Top is urban decay 1/2 baked

Bottom is Urban decay smog and top is Mua shade 7

Can you actually really tell with this?
Top is Dark Horse
Bottom Mua shade 8

Left is Mua shade 9 and Right Urban decay Toasted

Bottom is Urban decay Hustle and top is Mua shade 10

Left is Mua shade 11 Right is Urban decay shade Creep

Left is Mua shade 12 and Right is urban decay Gunmetal

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