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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No 7 Beautiful Skin Range. NORMAL/OILY SKIN

No 7 Beautiful Skin Range. NORMAL/OILY SKIN

I will be reveiwing two products. I havent brought anything from the number 7 range for ages and was so excited to try something new from them and maybe begin to 'get into this brand' .... Here are the 2 products I tried.

No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser for normal / oily skin

I was lucky enough to try this product for 1.50 for the full size
RRP IS 9.00 for 200ml (full size)

What is said on boots website?

'The No7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser gently removes make-up and impurities and tightens pores – delivering in one step the same results other regimes offer in two – to leave skin clean, refreshed and feeling fabulous.'

And currently the reveiws score 4/5

My thoughts:

This product is very easy to use and has a lovely closed off pump system to avoid getting grime into the product. I use 1-2 pumps of this product and feel that this gives a nice amount. The foam is so gental and perfect for sensitive skin that is also oily! This doesnt leave the skin with that sand paper red glow =) The product smells nice and 'clean' no over bearing smells which makes the product appear that it has less harmfull chemicals in it.

All in all I think I would buy this product again but it would have to be on offer as the RRP of 9.00 is a tad expensive despite this product being 'nice' it is just 'nice' and nothing extra special.


No7 Beautiful Skin Purifing Exfoliator

I was able to try this product for the amazing price of 50p for the full size product.

RRP 8.00

This has not yet been reviewed on boots website.

My thoughts:

I prefer this to the foaming clenser, It has a gorgeous clean smell and does not leave my sensitive skin bright red after using it. The exfoliating beads are very gental and small. I do love this product. I think I would buy this product again when on offer as I think 8.00 is still a bit expensive for a high street exfoliator!


If you see these on offer I would deffo pick these up and try them especially the exfoliator!
I am in no way connected with boots. These price promotions I got these products for was also at a price any member of the public could have brought these products for. And these are my personal opinions.

Any questions please leave a comment.

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Soap & Glory Lip balms


Avalible in boots for 5.00 each
3 Flavours to collect.
 - SWEET Coconut
- JUICY Peach
- Cherry and chocolate

each come in a tin!


Coconut - clear with gold and pink glitter bits in it - I found it dissapointng in boots that they had no proper tester when you pulled the draw out it had a plastic bubble which tried to describe the product - Crap! And if it handnt been for a product that somebody had already opened that I stolen a sniff off I wouldnt have brought eaither of these as I wouldnt have known how nice they were!

Gorgeous packaging and harder to loose than lip balms in sticks!

This juicy peach one is my fave of the 3 due to scent and colour - they really are adorable!

Love this so much - the peach one goes everywhere with me!

These have a self life of a year after opening (so say the packaging)
Retail for 5.00 each from boots, very worth it when you take into account lush charge 4.50 for a tinny tinny tin and you need to warm it up to high heaven before you can get it to a nice consitancy to even put on your lips!

I love these. I want the cherry one but very unsure of the colour as I like nude lips!
We will see.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Avon Haul

Various items I got this time round from Avon!

Travel Bag which was around 14.00 usuall brochure price is 18.00 I think. It is a nice enough bag but I think Primark could do the same for around 9.00 in fact I beleive they do. So not really that impressed! We will see how long it lasts! I am thinking of jazzing it up aswell a bit!

From the clearance booklet I decided to try some of the following from planet spa range as I have never had a hot oil treatment before I given that a go for 1.80 I think it was. Shame it didnt come with any instructions. I found some advice on youtube though. And I got a variety of face masks and is also a scrub aswell and these were all 1.50 each which isnt bad for a mask in a tube! I also got the bath soak as I thought it would be very relaxing and a good replacement for lush's lil baby bot. But I sadly dont think it comes close.

I love the fergie perfumes. I tried the perfume of this last year and for xmas my mum got me the outspoken intense so I decided to get this set all 3 for 20.00 - 30ml perfume, decent size lotion and a spray! And hair conditioner was 1.00 - Bargain.

Eye shaddow which I havent used yet. I got this as a freebie from my avon rep =)
ANEW lip plumping conditioner 5.00
and Ideal flawless pressed powder in the lightest shade they do pretty sure this was 5.00 this time around.

Vanilla lipstick - smells gorgeous! Think this was 2.00
Other lipstick dont really smell nice and thats in 'never so nude' think this was 4/5 pounds
Nail fortifier in sale 1.50
A glimmer stick which was also a freebie from my avon lady!
Eye shaddow stick in a chocolate colour and a highlight shade around 4.00 this was

Thats all <3

Sunday, 11 March 2012

1st Carboot sale of the YEAR!

1st carboot loot of this year haul.

All of the things I got =)

I ran out of my usual redken after almost over a year and 3 months so was going to re-purchase until I seen this still full for 5.00 was on a womans stall who had a few tigi products and makeup. I thought it was well worth it as the redken would have cost me almost 14.00 at the cheapest. So saved 9.00 as far as im concerned and think it is the same ml.

This wooden flower ring thing was 1.00 - Thought it was quite unusual.

Nail varnish from a stall selling all brand new make up rather like a market stall - were 1.50 each and I got these in sin and milk chocolate. The bourjois lipstick is a tester which was 1.00 BRAND NEW. From the same stall as the ego boost by tigi. 

Arts and craft bits and peices.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

I will be 22 soon and here is some items I am wanting for my birthday


Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original/Sin Duo Set
All of the urban decay Primer Potions <3

I have the original in mini size but want more!

Extra Virgin Minerals™ Compact Foundation - Face

I used this today for the 1s time and its TOTALLY AMAZING.
I really wouldnt mind another of these =)

Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel - Hands & Feet

I love this took this to work with me today and the sheer smell of it made me happy!

I think 2.50 is a lot though and will only buy them if there is some way I can end up with it at around 1.25 <3

Image 1 of JK Jemma Kidd Sheer Vanity Gloss & Glaze
This gorgeous nude lipstick !

Image 1 of ghd Straighteners Gold Series Salon

Some wider plated GHDS =)

Monday, 5 March 2012

1/2 Unexpected Haul.

Weird title ... I know!

1/2 of this Haul I was of course expecting because I ordered it -
the other 1/2 I just totally randomly purchased today.


Had a spend 50.00 get 25.00 off - so everything was 1/2 price really. So I decided to get the extra virgin foundation range (all in the lightest shades they do), satsuma hand gel, another make up sponge (I <3 these), a coca lip care stick, and a 4 way nail care block.

So exited to try out the foundations.

The compact (Cream to powder comes) with mirror but product does have a very deep pan considering this is usually 16.00! Comes with a nice quality brush! Being very pale and not having much choice in make up to suit my skin tone - I am initially very impressed with how light the powder is - thing this has the potential to be a real winner <3 And finally the liquid foundation <3

How Pale and GORGEOUS is that?

Not very deep for 16.00 !


Who doesn't like a freebie?

I was at work and went to WHS down stairs in my break and found these beautys - I have been waiting and looking around everytime ive been in there for a decent freebie!

With cosmopolitan - 3.50

Free CLINIQUE GOODIES - Rather like the glamour offer but not as good as the glamour one last year was only 2.00 !

But the magazine is much better than glamour I think!
I got the mascarra as I remember this from last year and love it <3

The other options avalible with this magazine!

Free with GLAMOUR is hair care products by 'PERCY REED of London' EST. 2007

The other options avalibe with this magazine :

hair mask & finishing polish


All 100ml tubes Ideal travel size for your holidays <3


The sandles I ordered from ASOS.

Came in a gorgeous BOX !

The sandles <3

So impressed! x

They do look really good Quality - I hope this last atleast 2 years <3

Stunning detail!


Facebook selling page finds.

Random people sell things from time to time on selling pages on facebook and sometimes you can get some real bargains like what I stubled upon today <3

These next sandles for example :

And this over size handbag/travel bag <3

Thankyou for reading and please subscribe.

Peace & Love,
Aimee x

Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Look fashion haul - Just the shoes at the min!

Newlook Fahion Haul

(Rare post)

I have never been one much for clothes due to the fact I had having to admit to being certain sizes. So I have worn old scruffs for years option to select jewlerry and make up and general nick naks & shoes when out. But its time I put a stop to all that and finall fessed up and brought some clothes.

So Wednesday was pay day. I stayed up and browsed online hoping to book centre parks 3 days away only to find out that the cheaper accomodation had gone and that they now wanted 500.00 for 3 days yes 500.00 which dont include activities/food or petrol or the fact id have to buy wellies and things to take with me. It was just not possible especially with having to pay back an overdraft - sky high phone bills and rent!

Anyway after being depressed that ive not been away since i was 16 and now could not even go away for a few days I seen new look was having a sale on.

Here are the shoes I got...

I have been wanting these shoe boots for ages - these were  full price for at 20.00

Blue dolly shoes with very small golden studs - feel lovely RRP. 15.99 I think I paid 8.00 for these maybe even possibly 6.00 - Now obviously SOLD OUT.

Woven leather shoes in white - supposed to be 19.99

I paid 8.00 for these. Sole of shoe is very slippy!

Ballet shoes in nude! I love these shoes - was going to buy them in store but in store the pair in my size seemed to be coming un glued! These feel so nice and soft and lovely - I paid full price at 7.99

Follow me! <3

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The summer prep!

Summer prep?

Am I the only one who seems to be spotting things now and buying them inorder to save them for the summer?

I spyed these on ASOS.

This is only my 2nd purchase from ASOS - should visit more regular.

I got these beauty's 30.00 down to 20.00
They are stnning and I know in River Island and places like that these can be around 35.00 even in Dorothy Perkins and newlook.

So I got these in a size 6 =)


They seem like they will be brilliant Quality - and I will live in them all summer so I think worth the 20.00 even ones in primark can be around 12.00 so Not bad.


Avon Haul !

Avon Haul.

If there is one thing I look forward to at the end of the month its a delivery from my lovely Avon lady. I try to spend only around 50.00 a month sometimes it can be a bit less and sometimes a little more - as there can be just too many things I like.

Meet the newbies to my collection...

I love the room sprays thought I would try a new one. I loved the peach and rose they used to do and have already used a milk and honey one. I sometimes have trouble sleeping after a late shift and got the sleep balm to try and because it is small and compact ideal for nights away.

Next.... Avon make up remover a small 50ml bottle idea for my travels. <3

The make up....
Ideal flawless foundation in light pink was 10.00 Nice smelling - very light weight. Feels lovely on the skin and I think they have around 16 shades which is brilliant.

The concealer I also love and is on par with the benefit it stick. Will deffo re-purchase! Was a bargain 5.00 very soft and delicate around the eyes.

x2 Lipsticks 1 in purple hazed and 1 in nude and infused smell nice and really gorgeous packaging. It looks like you get the same amount in a mac lipstick and they were a baragin at around 4.00 each ! Love these. <3

Supershock gel eyeliner in golden fawn which is like the 'urban decay midnight cow boy shade' Love this aswell - swatch below this was 3.00

Colour trend eye stick in silver - swatch below think was a bargain at 2.00

Peeling and brittleness solver 2.50 - I want to get my nails a bit nicer for summer <3

Fave Product of this little haul was the LIPGLOSS. Usually 7.00 I got this for 3.50
Moisture seduction lipgloss in glimmering champagne. Goes brilliantly with my MAC crem d'nude lipstick. This is my new fave lipgloss <3

Thanks for reading.