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Friday, 2 December 2011

Lush Haul 2/12/11


Ive been planning another visit to lush for a few weeks im not feeling well and thought I would get some nice bath stuff to help me over this horrible feeling. Seems like me and lush are building some bridges after me not being very happy with their company for some time. Anyway... here is what I got today...

Im trying to get my hair to go a bit lighter its naturally a ash blonde so thought daddy-o shampoo may help and Ive always been a fan of american cream so thought I would get that too =0 And it made more sense (moneywise to buy the bigger sizes) works out cheaper!
And I got a geo-fizz for the bath to help me with this ridiculous cold.

Never had the twilight bath bomb before and these fella's are huge!!!
They smell amazing and I hope they will help me to sleep.
Fantastic =)

I had a little lush pud before but not a cinders.
These two smell divine - Can not wait to try these guys out =)

I have a lot of stress at the moment with starting a new job and have a lot of blemish's - whilst I am using a over thr counter proper medicated acne treatment I love the smell of this mask so decided to get one of these 'cupcake' chocolate smelling masks - I love them.
I also got a chunk of honey I washed the kids with they 'thingy' bit on it - you guys know what I mean =) Think this was just over 3.00 this slice and the slice of porridge was around 6.00 - I love porridge so creamy and so gently exfoliating =)

The iglu scrub is a new one on me - I think its expensive for the amount you get but I could smell it through a blocked up nose so thought 'hey why not?'

I think all this came to arounf 60.00 and I got a special edition lush canvas bag which was 3.00 I think.

Now im working on back on track I plan to do regular hauls

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