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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Boots/body shop - Make-up Haul !

So after all this saving money - there are just some offers a girl can not miss-out on!

Foundation - 3 for 2 On Maybelline so for these three I payed 14.98  =)

I have noticed that in the body shop stores they have make up in x-mas bags (can not see this online) and they will have say 2/3 items priced! The three make up items here were 20.00 (saving 8 pounds) and then when I got to the till as I was on my 4th bodyshop purchase (with my loyalty card) I was allowed to spend 5 pounds free =) so I got this vitamin E face scrub and payed the difference which was 3.00!!!

I had been wanting this brush for some time and I seen (If you spend 6.00 You got a free limited ed. Lip gloss) the brush was 6.19 so I thought BINGO !

If you spent 6.00 on no.17 You got that gorgeous free eye pallette - So as im into lipsticks I tried another colour from the 17 range and got a light mattish bronzer!

HOW GOERGEOUS IS THAT Pallette?? OMG and you get a mirror!
I also received from boots a FREE 2.00 HAIR CARE VOUCHER
and I got 144 Points - so thats almost another 1.50 back in points!

If you liked this post - PLEASE PLEASE 'HIT' follow for more offers and news etc etc.... =) x
Have a great x-mas - AIMEE !

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December swapping is the new SHOPPING =)

I thought I would share with you some of my swapz for December!
People are quite rightly fighting back against higher VAT - and well totally being ripped off for a long time by companys charging ridiculous prices and selling a few items, rather than selling a lot at a reasonable price.
This is also the view of many swappers that I have spoken to !
- I for one am not going to be buying much any more - foundation as you cnt find the shade and brand sometimes through swaps sites. My phone contract will be coming down in Feb. Ive absolutly had enough of being taken for a ride!

So theory behind my swaps over....

1. I swapped all of the things you see here for my coat (Which I had on here previously)

2. B - Dazzeled and Bedroom - Cream eye shaddows.
Special ingredients in them - almond oil. water with rose petal infusion.

I dont know if you can call this a swap as a really nice lady on facebook offered to send me them free - but I said I couldnt have that and I WILL send her something back =)
(so now it is a swap) =)

                               3rd Swap: My sisters keeper DVD and Uraban Decay Products
- Swapped for 2 tops and 3 face masks =)

4th swap - Was fake items so Ive sent them back to the swapper !

I am just loving swapping at the min !! +)
I Have another swap on its way - Will edit this post when its here =)
Let me know about some of the swaps that You have done =)
Comments Welcome =) x

Monday, 6 December 2010

Forever 21 Birmingham, pound land, 99p store and lush

Birmingham Today.
I went to Forever 21. (The american store now has a shop in birmingham)
Everything is layed out so imaculatly. The floor is checkered black and white. There is things hung up in decorative alcoves. And there is like a huge lamp stand and under the giant lamp shade is head bands and many mirrors. The shop is stunning.

I looked at a few things and their prices and have to say accessories were the most reasonably priced thing
then jackets
I though bags were the most expensive thing.
Some gorgeous head bands in a x2 pack for 2.50 ( I though way hey post primark sheek) !!

I didnt buy anything though as I want money for the lush sale =) And I have received a letter telling me when my final bursery payment will be - as I am ment to graduate this yr (scary) so need to save for that. Im soooo scared to be possibly leaving uni but sooo excited at the same time to have money and be earning money!! I have also got my new placement which I know I will have to travel to (so need money to get there)
Hope no 1 things the things I brought are rubbish =(
There are also soo many enterances and exists to this shop its stupid - you can get lost and the security staff lok at every1 like shit! - To but it politley - maybe they were annoyed I didnt buy anything.

.LUSH.... Are in the dog house with me !

Last night on teh lush limited fan page it was announced that you can now get a 4.95 chunck of soap with the 5 black pots and not just a face mask ! I was trilled and straight away went off hunting for pots =)
I got 5 and decided I would ask in store what soap I should try - I think this is great for buisness as more people will try out new soaps where as with the face masks you can not just try any you have to have the one that suits your skin.

Anyway Lady at Birmingham store said we havent been told and i explained it was announced on lush limited fan page. And to top it off the face mask I wanted wasnt even avalible so I had to go to my next choice. I was very dissapointed as I only really use the face masks when I feel my skin needs a good seeing to!

Let me know if you have any experiences like this !

99p Store Bargains.

I got these shrek cookie cutters as part of my mums xmas present! she is into cake making etc and into making chocolate truffles! So I hoped she would be able to use this to cut out icing shapes for birthday cakes etc! On the back it says uk price 5.99 so I got 5 pounds off =) There was only 1 - Im sooo glad i got this for her! It is my dads birthday the day after im 21 (this march) so hopefully she will make him a shrek cake =)

It also comes with a small and beautifully illustrated recipe book on how to make ginger snaps etc. Looks good =)


1.00  Land

x2 After eaights - I thought give a box to my dad as part of his xmas present! And if I forget somebody I can give them the other box. lmao - it always happens tho doesnt it.!
The other things I got for my self despite hating nuts ( I soon found a great way of sifting the nut out) - dont u worry about that! and now the whole box is gone lol.

Jeremy Kyle in cellophone in the quid shop =) Haha Joke Present for my dad !

----- Lush ----
The boogg (snowman one) and lil lush pud for my bf's brothers gf!
Will be given to her in the lush paper bag!
I dont care about materially things like pretty bag - The bag is fit for purpose so thats good enough for me.!


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gorgeous Coat - Stunning Jacket - swap/sale

As its winter I know people will be looking for a coat/Jacket.
So I have 2 items here 12/14 sizes and would like to swap/sell them.
Images taken with camra phone wich has a black dot on it. This is not on the items its on my camra xxx

1. Jacket River Island, Size 14, Would fit a 12 Well.
Brillinatly made, excellent quality - heavy duty jacket - Will last a hell of a long time

I would describe condition as 'as new' no marks, no wear/tear.

Stunning design inside the jacket - v.small black crystals on the design inside of the coat !

Close up of the River Island logo on the popers! - As you can see everything on this coat is great quality and v.well made

Front of the coat ! I dont feel like the pic does it Justice - Has kind of a stunning fashionable frosted finished on the black of the jacket.


Item 2. The Leapord Print Coat. - Gorgeous.
says 14 inside . Would also fit a 12/14 nicely !

AS you can see here - this is the exact same coat - my pictures on my camra phone dont do the coat justice. !

The sleeves of the coat and the detail on them

The buttons of the coat and what the belt bow looks like when done up - im not good at tying bows though

The whole coat - Pictures does not do any of these items justice as taken on my camra phone =(

Please leave a comment if you are interested or email me =) Please tell me what swaps you have or cash offer =) thanks.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Saving Cash For Xmas Sales Project (My personal story)

My Money Saving Project.
Practicall no non-sense tips (One which I have done my self) - So ask me anything about each tip that you want =)

I have decided that my fave time of yr. is xmas so I can get things I like in the sale =)
As many of you know (I think) I am a student - so this is not a huge difference to normal everyday life, but anyway thought I would share a Lot of tips with you, so you can save money. Its about time shops realised they should price there stuff reasonably or we just wont buy it untill the sale : WHO'S WITH ME? lol
- These tips will cost you NOTHING - (hence why ebay is NOT mentioned) !!

Anyway. Tip Number 1: Swap Items you dont need, use or want.
This time of yr it would be good to try and swap items you dont want for items that are new so you can use them as xmas presents. I have been a member of swapz.co.uk for around 2yrs now - and have had some really nice stuff on there - benefit make-up, forelli bags, stunning shoes etc.

Here is a swap that I have recently done:

I swapped urban decay midnight cowboy and urban decay midnigh cowboy rides again & benefits life on the a-list (as I no longer used the eye shaddows) - and I have changed my hair colour now so this lipgloss would not suit me!

For these items (which I adore)

This is no7 (boots) highlighter and a stunning bracelet from accessorize LOVE THEM BOTH =)
If you are interested in joining the swapz.co.uk website it is FREE ! (you pay the postage on all your items though)! - you can be ripped off (but this is ONLY HAPPENED ONCE TO ME) when you get some people you swapped with a lot - you can keep checking their profile and swap with them as you know you can trust them - that is what i tend to do. Please leave a comment if you would like my user name. And if you join I will send u a list of good swappers who I have swapped a lot with. There is brand new good named make up on there - stunning bags - and a forum to chat !! =)

Tip Number 2: Use up products that other family members do not use (these have been taxed off my sister) HAHA.
So as i live in a uni house i went home at the weekend and cleaned my old room up ! - Under my sisters bed I found these (she obviously dont even know they were misisng) thats how much she needs/uses them so thought i WOULD GIVE THEM A PLACE TO STAY =)
I seen that the pink one says 12.50 on it :O I have used this once.
I dont know how much the blue one was ment to be - and have not used this yet (if you have any tips please let me know) =)

And the eyeshaddow is clinique - she dont use that eaither - so had that ! - I only want it for the brown shade though =/

Tip Number 3: Mini Make-up Project.
This is like a project ten pan - which you can find video's off on youtube for inspiration!
Basically what happens is - you pick 10/5 (how ever many products you want) and make a promise that you will not buy any more make up untill you have 'hit pan or used up' all of the products.
I decided to de-pot some of my products in order to use them up.
tip: keep the products you want to use up near where you get ready in the morning so you automatically reach for them!!
 These are the products that I want to use up... before opening any back ups. =)

Bourjois rose symphonic no 20 lipgloss - nearly done =)
Models own blusher (my 2nd)
Loreal lash renewal - close to done aswell
depoted are: benefits just peachy powder and Primer.

Make space for the stuff you will buy in xmas sales and save ur self money !!!

Tip number 4: Do not buy food at work/uni/school (whatever)
This Drink is ment to be 1.90 at uni !! (Can u belive it)
I dont care what people say I am re-filling the bottle. Take your own lunch - dig a sandwhich box from the cupboard - invest in some sandwhich bags !! When I am on placement I will make my lunch for the next day whilst I cooking tea =) Its so easy and simple and you can clean everthing up at once - without letting lunch time clean out ur purse =)
Do not let these rip off companys benefit !!

Hope you liked this post =)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Everything in my make up bag at the min...

This is everything in my make up bag at the min ! - obviously not my whole collection.

- If u do want to see my whole collection - which is not much more than this please comment =) and I will do it for you =)

My fave item in here is the estee lauder eye shaddow due. Which cost me less than a bar of chocolate! Im looking for a dupe of this eyeshaddow but can not seem to find 1 - so I think ill have to re buy it at like 30quid. Its called 'estee lauder signature silky eyeshaddow' & the 2 shades are 01 mocha and 02 softsmudge brown!

Since I died my hair darker the urban decay brow kit I can not be without now! shade is ginersnap comes with tweezers, small brush and eye brow wax + mirror.

The depotted item in clear jar is benefits just peachy powder - I was moving out and thrown a bag down the stairs and that was in it - and broken =( good old primark travel jar saved the day !!

Clinique eye cream in nude sparkle is amazing for a natural/naked look (what ever u want to say lol. This was a bargain 5pounds from the market !

x2 lip smakers - the vanilla 1 smells like fizzy cola bottles and the other smells like fizzy strawberry drink 1.50p each from PRIMARK

Primark primer 3.00p !! - i have shrown the benefit 1 out and replaced it with this 1 !!!!

Avon spectra lash mascarra (twist at the bottom) for different looks (seems to be a gimic) doesnt work - okay mascarra - 5pounds on offer when i got it

Miss sport mascarra 1.50... amazing!! dupe of number 7 mascarra in gold tube - but this has glitter =/ not noticable unless up close though - but could irritate some peoples eyes!

ncy eye shaddows - I use the lighter colours of these to blend my estee lauder 1s out ! bargain 59p each !!

Lip dip! - NEED TO - use this before putting my lip products on or lip skin cells seem to be all over my lips - ewww ! this was 4.50 from lush - this is 1 of the xmas editions !!

Dream matte mouse - every1 knows about this now - so wont say anything

Mac lipstick in pretty please a rip off 12.00


NO 17 LIPSTICK in balmy beige - totaly nude coral lipstick - this lipstick is the 1 thats responsible for getting me back into lipsticks !!

NYC pallette - Perfect & Reflect - Amazing 4 in 1 - correct redness, highlight cheeks and eyes, conceler and a eye primer - and for me i like this eye primer better than the urban decay primer potion ! DONT LAFF - seriously i do - so much better  - its weightless and effortless. totally timeless - can put it on with sponge applicator for v.light application. Eye shaddows do not like dryed on or crusted to the eyes like with the urban decay - it looks gently swept across the eyes - bur maximum effect bold colour - will deffo b buying this again !!

Models own brush - i use for powder and blusher ... 5.00 (Was neverous as its a retractable brush that it would break) but was worth 5.00 deffo !!

Thats pretty much it - Any comments please let me know! any questions ill get back to you !!! please let me know if u have found a dupe to my estee lauder eye shaddow anywhere... b4 i pay the rip off money for it =( xxxx

Bye for now - aimee xxx

My Complete Collection as requested by Paula !! =)

The rest of my make up collection - Not much since I began my lush addiction!
I think that many people who know or heard of/ seen advertised most of these products to be honest.
but if u do have a question please get in touch =)

loves, aimee x

Friday, 12 November 2010

ALL free !

Free Kitchen Wear !

1. My nuber 1 freebie at the min is with Cravendale Milk.
If you didnt know about this.. with every 2litre bottle you get a code.
Each code is 1 token. There are items on the website listed which you save tokens for. Then order your item its really that simple!
- All items are kitchen wear!

Below shows what the labels look like and 2 items that I have been sent for FREE (NO POSTAGE PAYMENT REQUIRED)

- If you sign up - enter 3 peoples email address you will also get 3 free tokens!
- You need a minimum of 8 to get something.

I have hear a bowl - heavy and good quality and my mug that you can put buiscuits in!
I have since ordered another bowl for the boyfriend and a fancy cup for to have my nesquick milkshakes in.

                                                     I know my choca mocha thing needs stiring!

Make amazing xmas gifts especially the cup with busicuit holder - I have not seena mug like this anywhere else - and its heavy and good quality - Not bad for a freebie on something you use everyday!

Go to: www.milkmatters.co.uk/rewards to sign up and see what is avalible - they have tea towels to tea pots! Dont forget to invite 3 friends and you will instantly be given 3 tokens. If you get anything after this post please let me know !!

Or if you cant be bothered - and you have any codes you dont want - wink wink..... !! :P

Plus any other freebies you want to post please comment !
We all need stuff b4 the tax goes up =) haha !!

Awesome deal.
If you are going to uni next year get these free in advance - people will know they are urs !

Thursday, 11 November 2010

8 Beauty Items I have used & WILL BE BUYING AGAIN !

8 beauty related items i have used all up, & Will be BUYING AGAIN. =)

1. Loreal lash serum
- My boyfriend and a house mate asked me if i had FAKE EYE LASHES ON. enough said.
Appox 10 pounds been a year this month since I got this. And still have some to use. Hense the back up. (I got the back up for a fiver off the market though - yes from the market and real - all faint now).

2. Models own Blusher - A fiver. In Peach Blush
I have used a whole one of these since begining of september and now im on my second. Love this. Does not dry skin out nor makes me look orange. Nice formula. 5er. End of.

3. American Cream Conditioner From lush!
Maybe you have seen my reveiw of this. Im addicted. Now I also have x2 soilid perfumes of this ... amazing =) 5 stars. 12.25 for 500g ! 1 bottle lasts me around a month cuz i have really long hair. But Its amazing. I just have to pay it!
- I will be re-purchasing everything I own from lush but the main thing will be this... so say no more.

4. Primark primer - IF I CAN GET IT AGAIN
Deffo will be purchasing this lil gem of a product. 3pounds !! whooop... it makes my foundation so dewy no matter what foundation i wear. AMAZZINGGG !

5. Loreal Mascarra
 - Amazing - I can really trust this mascarra always to perform! - My old faithful =)

6. Burts Bees Baby bee cream
Ment for baby's bums but brilliant for a under eye cream! amazing. Think this is 12 pounds in debenhams but I got this for 5 pounds from the market =)

7. Natural Collection Face Powder in WARM.
 I have 4 back ups of this at the min. - Amazing. 2.00p each and the quality and amount is fantastic. This has been on the re-purchase list for around 3 years now, i beleive. I have tried other face powders in between - mineral ones etc, and benefits get even. Much prefer this! when you weigh up the quality, amount, durability etc for the price. Nothing seems to compare.

8.  Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit
I know I rave about lush products but I really can not get enough of this, ... It smells great, works, lasts a while. In grate packaging so you can get the last lil bits out... amazin =)

 What Items can you not live without & why.

What is on your buy until I die or something better comes along list =)

bye for now, aimee x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lush November FORUM partyyy ...

Lush Forum Party Haul - November !

Everybody must know how much I love Lush by now !

Anyway this is all the stuff i got from the november forum party !
- 2 okra (retro) conditoner for dry hair 1.00p EACH
- 2 ICE blue shampoo (retro) (smells the same as the fair trade foot lotion) 1.00p EACH
- Forever in Bloom (retro) hair conditioner for fly away hair 1.00p EACH

The two perfumes:
Around 25 pounds each ! the twilight was a little more...

The solid perfumes...
x3 Honey I washed the Kids 1.00p EACH (smells just like the soap)
X2 The comforter 1.00p EACH (smells like comforter bubble bar)
X2 American Cream 1.00p EACH (SMELLS exactly the same as my fave conditioner)

The best smells are.. all the solid perfumes and day of the dead. ! Love love love it... smells EXACTLY the same as them lil jelly faces... so sweet !!

If you have any questions or comments
Please place them below
and dont for get to follow me... to see more great bargains ! =) xxx

bye for now, aimee xxxx

Monday, 8 November 2010

American Sweets & Primark Primer !!

Primark Primer & American Sweets.        
 After hearing so many good things about this primark primer and looking for it for ages on Saturday - I finally managed to get 1. It was stuck on another stand - just waiting for me as if by magic ! It is called 'prime of your life' and the shade is 'in the pink'. This was 3.00 for 12.mls. ( compared to the benefit 20.50 for the same amount), this is amazing. Exactly the same system of getting the product out as benefit. Nice top art design. Doesn't smell as nice as benefit but saving 17.50p - I DONT CARE.

This Primer is amazing... It makes your sekin look dewy, whilst still feeling matt, and gives a radient look. Amazing for 3.00p - AMAZZZINNNG. Good buy Benefit - HELLO primark. Love this sooo much more! Glad I got this... no wounder I couldnt get hold of one though. Sorry about the quality of the swatch... basically its a pinky/peach foundation colour which goes into a clear primer when rubbed on the face.

You have to love American sweeets....
Could not resist buying these... they cost around 1.40ea though which is a RIP OFF !
But o well... I have to say my fave is the coconut m&ms. Why does everything American taste soooo much better... =(
Un-fair !!

Ammazzzing pick me up though =) haha.
Goes hand in hand with LUSH ! =)

Friday, 5 November 2010


I am soooo exicted to talk to you all about this.
I had placed an order on a CHEAP make up website.
- Everything on there is branded too!
I would have loved to have got more stuff BUT here is what I got.
Please follow my blog for more brilliant savings/ideas like this.
Hope you all have a brilliant bone fire night.
Love aimee .... xxx

Read this sitting down - You will be amazed
Pls. Dont kick your self for spending huge amounts of money else where.
- I stubled across it last week and decided to make an order. Thats where it started & finished.


Astor Foundation 30mls... SPF 22 !
Ultra matt/all skin types/age revising/contains natural cotton & magnisium (inorder to get the ultra matt finish) MADE IN THE UK (WE NEED TO SUPPORT THIS GUYS ESP. IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES)
I got the shade 'sand' as I have dark hair now nd need a darker foundation.

Guess how much this cost me? 2.99
I really hope this turns out to be a regular foundation of mine!
- They also send me tons of wine vouchers that I dont think I will be using.

I was so impressed when I seen this today - gorgeous packaging. The case its self if not plastic it has like a leather affect on the outercase of the pallette. AND has a mirror inside with a black satin border around mirror. These shades are all LIMITED EDITION ASWELL (so the website told me)
I do they I will use all of these colours they are soooo practical !!
Love love love this !!!
I can not find this on the website to check but im pretty sure it was 5.99, or 6.99
Definetly no more than 6.99 !
I definetly remember the rrp on this product being 25.00p
I have not seen this product in the shops but could definetly beleive it retails at this price. !

Gorgeous Box!


Urban decay Brow Box Make up KIT in GINGERSNAP.
I didnt know if this was the right colour for me so I took a gamble and it payed off.
This kit is gorgeous & the same 1 thats sold in boots and debenhams etc. I have yet to try this, *you even get your own set of mini - diddy tweezers! soooo amazing =)
This was 5.99
RRP 15.00
SAVING: 9.01
And I have seen these selling for 15.00 in various stores across the land.
1 particular pharmacy chain and department stores.

Rimmel shine temptation Lipstick 4g
75P (It would be rude not to! - lol) I am just getting into lip stick now im 20 after years and years of using gloss - I now have a cheap way of trying them out - whoop.
- website also had loads more including bourjous.

Thats cheaper than boots natural collection - How could I say no!
-The website has lots of colours but I only really use browns - had to rain my self in not to buy the others though. The case (pallete) to put these pans in is also on the website)
RRP: 2.95
SAVING: 2.46

this is the masxarra I used to use in yr 9 lol... So thought I would give it a try - I need cheap alternatives to my current make up you see! Will reveiw this more than likely soon.
RRP: 4.50 each
SAVING: 3.00 on each item !

Miss sport POWDER BLUSH.
1.25p !!!
The camra has mad eit look slightly paler than it actualy is... the brush also does not look too bad.
Can not wait to try this!
saving: 2.74

Its the middle item


I think I may have brought the same shade here but in a different packaging =/, Never mind 59p can not go wrong! The brush that comes with this also is amazing! I was sooo Impressed.
No rrp given nor does the website state a saving - but I have seen this brand in superdrug so I imagen you are getting a saving at 59p !!

I do not have spots at the min. BUT 1.50 how could I say no.
Plus you get a eyeshaddow base which I can use, I wanted this to play around with cover up, and get used to the colour wheel.

Green section: Corrects redness:
Darker Brown Section: Conceals
Pink Creamy section: A highlighter
The Light brown section: a eye shaddow base/primer !

Website does not tell you the rrp or what you are saving here. But at 1.50 I deffo imagen you are having a saving somewhere.

All of this for 30 squid !

Postage and Packing for this lot cost 1.95 - For all this lot to be sent 1st class !!
- SO this is not one of them sites thats cheap and then gets there money back on the postage. This is sooo amazing.

Phone: 01625 432565
E-mail: Fragrancedirect.co.uk


Dont forget If you are not a subscriber - please subscribe - I think I deserve it after this great tip! =) HAHA
Please comment on any aspect of this post or ask questions about the products etc.. If you want a reveiw of any of these products please ask - I will see what I can do.


If you do order after this... please comment and say what you have ordered =0
Just beacause im nosey and we can chat - maybe ill get some of the things you got next.
Truely amazing deal. I still can not beleive it - myself
Just proves: 'If something seems to good to be true - it doesnt always mean its not true' =)