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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hauling =)
Im 21 this month so I have spoilt my self rotten recently lol.

3 Sally Hansen 'La Cross' Proffesional Brushes - All under 2.50

Close up Foundation Brush 2.50 =)

Eye Brush 1.50 =)

Blush brush 2.50

Close up's.... =)


Avon =)
To find out more on privledges and how to become a AVon A-lister please see previous post.

This was on offer at 7.00 usually 10.50 (I think) And it is amazing so thought id get a back up =)

Pro - to go lipstick in pink sizzle - was on offer at 5.00 - Gorgeous colour and v.pigmented - But not sure you get that much product for your money =/


Bubbles & Marque - And YES they are PUKKA ITEMS - and no they are not from FLEA BAY =)

Body shop had a huge offer on - Which I blogged about.
I got all of the vitamin E things in this picture for 19.76 =)
I got free delivery!
And got a comb and lip butter - Paid for, in order to reveive a 12.50 coconut body butter =)
They also included a free perfume sample =)
All of what you see in the picture cost me around 27.00

My Friend given me a no.7 5pounds voucher so decided to get the cuticle cream. I have the avon one - so could do a comparison post soon =)

Carboot Sale.
We decided to do a carboot sale to make space and a few quid at the same time - It was freezing, and what we didnt sell we given to a local charity shop called LOROS - Which raises money for a HOSPICE.

Whilst there I had to have a look around =/ =)

I seen these on a stall that was selling brand new things - these are all brand new - the maxfactor smokey eye pens were 2.00 each and the masterpeice mascarra was 1.00
The hello kitty makeup bag featured in avon some time ago - was brand new and from the carboot for 50p =)

My Soap and Glory Stuff from boots (minus lip products that are in the oicture below)
- The glad hair day did not come in this set but everything else did...

I seen this at the carboot - it was being sold by a hairdresser so she knew how expensive they are - she wanted 5.00 for this but I offered 4.00 and she excepted =)

2 for 5.00 at boots on barry M glossy tubes and nail paints - I got mushroom and clear.
The miss guided lipgloss came free with cosmo magazine - its from missguided and was ment to be 5.00
The 3 in the middle are soap and glory products that came in the kit from boots
and I got 2 for 5.00 on the glossy tubes.
I also had a spend 20.00 get 2.00 worth of points - so got my dinner from boots aswell - and 2 other soap and glory items whilst it was 1/3rd off. - I got glow potion (not on here) and the glad hair day conditioner.

I seen this gorgeous notebook aswell - which these can be around 5.00 each someplaces... and it was.. 50p =)


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sorry to Post Again But... HUGE BODY SHOP OFFER NOW ON !

Body Shop are Celebrating a Birthday !
They opened in 1976 ... so every bundle is priced at 19.76p =)
And is worth so much more =)


Also If you spend over 20.00 you get FREE Delivery - on this already Fabulous Deal! And if that is not enought to temp you.... spend 25.00 and get a FREE FULL SIZE COCONUT BODY BUTTER =) WORTH 12.50 =)

Here are the Bundles that you can choose from =)

Coconut Collection
The Coco Nut Collection JUST 19.76P

Shea Collection
Shea Butter Collection

Satsuma Collections
Satsuma Collection =)

And the 1 I got is..... *Dum Roll*

Vitamin E Collections
Yes All full sizes 19.76 =)

And 25.00 get a FREE Full size body butter =)

Be Quick though - they are going FAST - I happened to see this at the right time to get in on the deal - and website is busy =)


aImee x

Mac - Surf Baby Collection

Mac Surf Baby Collection.

I hope I get money for my 21st after seeing all these Amazing Items .

International Launch Date June 2011
Start ya piggie banks now =)

The Blush
MAC Surf Baby My Paradise Blush In coral Orange

The Eye- Shaddows

  • Saffron (coral)

  • Swell Baby (medium gray)

  • Sun Blonde (yellow with gold pearl)

  • Short Shorts (white champagne)

  • Surf U.S.A. (aqua with teal pearl)

  • The Lipsticks

  • Bust Out! (Soft violet)

  • Hibiscus (Bright coral)

  • Mocha

  • Naturally (Eccentric Nude)

  • LipGlass

  • Girl on Board (Sheer gold)

  • Good Lovin’ (Peach pink)

  • Krazy Kahuna (Medium brown)

  • Strange Potion (Pink coral)

  • MAC Surf Baby Crushed Metallic Pigment Stacks
    • Summer Stash (Pale pink, gray pink, purple, taupe)
    • Surf the Ocean (Silver, aqua, gold, navy blue)

    MAC Surf Baby Nail Lacquer
    • Hangin’ Loose (Beige)
    • Ocean Dip (Aqua teal)


    MAC Surf Baby Eye Liner
    • Blue Noon (Teal)
    • Gilded White (Shimmering off-white)

    Gorgeous or what? Haha.

    Comment with what ur wishlist is =)

    Mine is

    The blush, nude lip stick, the 2 nude lipglass's =)

    Avon A-lister!

    Avon A-lister!

    Anyone can become a Avon A-lister straight away! Earn points which takes you to each level.

    Each Pound is 1 point =)

    P.s I spent 20.00 yesterday and I am already almost to the Bronze level now. And I got FREE delivery for spending 20.00
    When you are at the levels - You never go down a level if you use the offer in that level - the benefit will always remain.
    Brilliant Eh?
    The offers due change each campaign/Brochure though!


    Example of the offers at the min for C6/Brochure 6 - These will change with brochure 7 !

    There is no copper offers avalible at the min
    Bronze: Buy a solutions total radiance clenser for 2.00 / Buy a firming body lotion 1.74/ Room sprays 1.75
    Silver: Avon True colour blush 3.50/ Avon in a blink eye shaddow and liner 3.50 and nail varnishes 2.50
    Gold: Lotus sheild 3.50/ Moisture Colour Lipstick 4.50
    Platinum: Christian Lacroix Rouge Eau De Parfum 12.00,  Anew Rejuvenate Day Revitalising Cream SPF25 Magix Face perfector 4.50 !!

    Brilliant eh - and the fact you can never use the offers up - and the change constantly is amazing...

    Hit FOLLOW ! =)

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    Fragrance Direct Temptations Leading to Confessions.... Oops Saved 100's

    Fragrance Direct are becoming really good pals of mine at the min.

    Here is what I was tempted into buying to night - and have ordered - ooops
    If you have used any of these products please leave a comment and let me know what they are like.

    I am not involed with this company in any way - JUST ORDER FROM THEM!

    RRP: 21.50 GBP
    Purchased for 2.99 - All colours were 2.99 ! =)
    Heres the 2 that I got (There is 3 palletes to choose from on the site)

    Rochas Multicoloured Eyeshadow
    Shade: Snow Attitude

    Mave Attitude

    Saved 18.51 GBP on all each of these!!

    Lip Sticks
    RRP: 13.25
    Brought for 2.99
    I got 2 lipsticks - this colour and another

    Saved 10.26 each on those 2.
    Rochas Satin Finish Lipstick

    I was looking for a really nice setting powder so I can wear liquid foundation in the summer and just set with a powder.
    I got the ROCHAS Translucent Powder 18g
    RRP 22.00
    Brought for: 3.99 =)
    Saved: 18.01

    Rochas Evenscent Loose Powder 01 Transparent 10g

    Rochas Lipgloss
    RRP: 12.50
    Brought for: 2.99
    Saved 9.51

    Rochas Lip Gloss 6ml

    Make-up Brushes
    All sally H!
    Eye Shaddow Brush 1.50

    Sally Hansen La Cross Premier Allover Shadow Brush

    Blush Brush - will be using for all over powder though!

    2.50 =)

    Sally Hansen La Cross Premier Blush Brush

    Foundation Brush


    Sally Hansen La Cross Premier Foundation Brush

    Delivery Was also 1.99 - Always is - AMAZING !

    RRP : 7.99
    Purchased for: 3.50 =) haha
    I got this in IVORY - which im so suprised they had =)

    Rimmel Renew & Lift Foundation 30ml

    And there was so much more I wanted !
    As you can see - I got some amazing quality make up at litrally POCKET MONEY PRICES.

    Comments & Questions Welcome.

    If you want to be UPDATED ON MORE DEALS - FOLLOW ME -

    Flap Jacks & Confessions

    Flap Jacks & Confessions

    1st of all - May As well show you a pic of a dish I created lol

    ------------Flap Jacks------------
    You will need this Lot
    - 80g Butter
    -80g Brown Sugar
    -250g oats
    -3 Table spoons of Golden syrup.

    Pre heat the oven - Gas Mark 5
     Melt 80g Of Butter - Add in 80g of brown sugar
    Fold in 250g of oats

    Put on baking tray and bake for 15 mins, GAS MARK 5
    Wallah.... Flap Jacks.

    Tip. To make the flapjacks that little bit more special, drizzle melted chocolate over the top of them!
    Serves: 15
    Preparation time: 15 mins
    Cooking time: 15 mins

    I brought my self 2 Mac Lipsticks
    From a Pukka Site - not ebay =)
    1 in Bubbles
    1 in Front Lit
    I ordered the Sunday - And its Tuesday today - Hope they come today - if they do I will up date this Blog with pics =)

    Sunday, 20 March 2011

    Redken Anti-Snap Reveiw

    Redken Anti- Snap Reveiw

    I payed just under 16.00 at the Hair dressers for this!
    But if you shop around on the internet you can get it Much cheaper... !!!
    This is a 250ml Bottle.

    I have used this for 1 MONTH NOW - so feel I can reveiw this HONESTLY

    What the hair dresser told me: She said this treatment is to put put on towel dried hair and will last 5 washes - so you only need to put this on every 5 washes. I can not find anything on the internet that advices this & NOTHING is mentioned about 'every 5 washes on the bottle'.

    What the Bottle says (USE WITHIN 12 MONTHS SYMBOL): Anti-snap leave in treatment fortifies the damaged areas of the hair and helps reduce breakage. Hair is healthy looking, managable and shiny. DIRECTIONS: Apply to towel dried hair to damaged or fragile areas. DO NOT RINSE OUT.

    How does this product claim to work?
    Proteins ! - This product claims to work by the hair soaking up these MUST HAVE proteins in order to fortify the hair and stop it snapping.

    Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers a unique 3D Repair Complex of proteins, ceramide and lipids to help provide internal stregnth, cuticle reinforcementa and protective resurfacing.

    Key ingredients:

    • Proteins = internal strength
    • Ceramide = cuticle reinforcement
    • Natural Lipids = protective resurfacing

    The plastic is very thin on this bottle =/
    The bottle does have a nice pump dispenser.
    My hair is so long that I prob. use about 5 pumps each wash.
    As I put this in each wash - and not every 5 which the hair dresser told me to.
    As when I left it for a few washes I brushed my hair and I could see bits that had snapped off !

    Final Comments:
    • This product does not leave the hair sticky or burn to straightners!
    • I do feel that the product is worth having if you can find it for around 10/12 pounds - not 16.00!
    • I feel that if you had a hair dye accident and your hair needs urgent attention: (THIS HAPPENED TO ME ONCE) then this is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT!
    Want to buy this product...?
    I have found it cheaper on these sites:

    If you liked this please follow my blog - so I can keep on POSTING.


    Saturday, 19 March 2011

    Hual: RiverIsland, Lush, Clinique & a Generous Friend and General .

    =) Dinner & Haulage (=

    So Today we went for dinner at a local pub - I thought it would be cheap - and it may seem cheap to some people but for these 2 meals which most puds do on offer for like 2-for-6.00 - cost me 12.00 for these 2 and 2 drinks (1 of which was a soft drink so Im not too impressed but there ya go) =/

    My Food.

    Tims Food =)
    I have a very Generous Friend =)
    Who given me lots of things including, x2 Dorothy Perkins Handbags, a lot of St.TROPEZ tanning stuff - a whole system and more infact and a lot of make up and soap and Glory stuff.

    But the best things were there URBAN DECAY PALLETTES - which boots were selling at 10.00 each - and she got 2 and then felt she would never use them and given them to me =)




    Glamour Mag.. Finally ....
    After going to many stores and TRAMPS nicking the free gifts :O - which I still can not get over. The stores where the gifts were nicked included. WHS, Morrisons, and many local corners shops - unreal!!
    However.. Finally I seen in 1 store say 'if you are looking for Glamour ask at the counter - so I did and they had quite a few - but only 2 left after I had finished there =)

    I have not tried clinique skin care before as its never really appealed to me - so will see how this goes.


    .River Island.

    I feel out of place still wearing UGG'S ALREADY - so needed some sandles - the last pair I had from Dorothy Perkins lasted me 2 years - I hate to say lol ... Not very girly to use the same I guess... I liked these shoes and thought they would really hurt and they looked small for a 6 - but they are great and sooo comfortable.
    They were 19.99p - so Hopefully they will last me 2 years - and I will have another Bargain =)
    tee hee


    With all those products you all seen that I used I had to go and collect some face masks - I got 2 free as I taken back 10 POTS !
    And as my bf smokes he wanted a anti-aging one - as I keep telling him he is aging so badly haha - he is !! DONT SM0KE !! 

    1. Cupcake - as I have slight break out at the min on my chin
    2. Brazened Honey - JUST BECAUSE LOL -
    3. Sacred Truth - the aging one - as my bf smokes and its for him

     General Points
    Flap Jack pics and receipe still to come on Monday =)
    I still plan to do the huge avon haul april 15th - see what I got for 160.00 !!

    C7 of Avon has buy any make-up item choose one free - so you can litrally get a lip gloss and a really nice foundation for 6.00 pounds - which is MADNESS =)