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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bodyshop haul. 3/12/11

Bodyshop Haul

Love your body members got 30% off everything.
I had been eyeing up 2 of these products for ages - The candle and the vit C face mist.
I wanted the candle to relax and something to clam my room in my hectic sometimes horrible job.
The vit C I will spritz on my skin before applying make up to wake my skin up a bit =)
And I have very dry skin around my eyes since starting an acne treatment so wanted a very gentle eye make up remover!
I also got a voucher save 10 pound when you spend 25.
Plus I will be on my 4th stamp and so will get another 5pounds off.
All good !

I had this burning all morning - so its been on for abut 4 hours and hardly made a dent in it


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I also made another order from lush today which I will be doing another haul soon when it arrives =)


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