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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 51 Reveiw.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation reveiw.
In 51 Light Vanilla.
This is the lightest shade that they do.

Boots & superdrug both 9.99
Look out for 3 for 2 offers =)
Correct as of 12.11.11

As you can see I am almost through one bottle so thought I would reveiw the foundation for you!
Picture with flash off

Picture with flash on...

 The packaging.

Not exactly the most expensive looking packaging. But it serves its purpose.
A huge plus side to this packaging is that its designed so that all of the product will come out unlike some of maybellines foundations in the glass bottles - and a lot of other companies foundations for that matter. And a glass bottle is so much easier to break. I love this one and would go for this everytime. I think it would look more sleek and sexy in a black bottle but then it would be hard to choose the shade and after all  good well matched foundation is the sole purpose here.

Pump bottle & this pic also shows how you can get every last drop from the bottle due to the design. Although the plastic cap is so easy to loose.

Flash on...

Flash off...

The product.

Claims up to 16 hours glowing complection and toned skin.
And in it is
Apricot for radiance
Melon for hydration
Apple for anti-oxidant effect
Ginger for energy

The fundation its self smells great and non chemically.

The product has improved my skin and I would say it does live up to its claims however I wouldnt say 16 hours I would say 8/9 but then again I work in the emergency services ish so Im running around all day more than the usual. So maybe we should let them have the claim of 'up to 16 hours'.

I find it to be smooth, non greasy, easy to work with, easy to mix with other products, sits effortlessly over moisturiser, kind to skin.

I think its a very good coverage but could be slightly thicker in consistancy I feel but thats mainly because I have freckles and have to have them on show.

Im wearing the foundation here. The picture is taken with flash on - Hope you can all see the effect on my skin =)

Taking into account price, performance, packaging, I would give this product 5 stars.
I think its something I will always come back to.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know what you think of this foundation?

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