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Friday, 2 December 2011

Mac Haul. 02/12/11 Pic heavy!

Mac Haul.

I lust after Mac - Its never been a brand I have been able to afford to buy usually. But comparing prices sometimes its easier and much more with it to go straight for Mac. I have tried their studio fix fluid in the past (and hated it) and Ive had a few lippies never much else. So I wanted to try their eye shaddows.

I seen the glitter and Ice collection and wanted 2 of the paint pots but they are sold out online and in the store I went to =(
And one of the lip sticks from the collection is too! Such a shame! They were stunning.

Here is what I got anyway:
Gorgeous Box
Sturdy packaging
But design a bit tacky!

The six eye shaddows.

The six eye shaddows close up (flash on)


Nice selection of nudes - not bad for a 1st time little eye kit from mac =)

.... Lipsticks....

This is my 3rd lipstick in pretty please now. =) I dont go into the city often so thought I may aswell get a back up of this as mine is running low. I also wanted a nude - I love pale lips but hate that 'I have concealer on my lips look so wanted a very nude lipstick' I got the 1st one I picked up - I hope I dont regret it. The nude is called crem d'nude (dunno if thats spelt right) and the pink is obviously pretty please. Which brings me onto the fact that these 3 items cost me a pretty packet. Hope I dont loose these or they go in the wash like others have in the past.

All authentic pics of real products see receipt below. Cost me 52.20 at debenhams for these 3 items.
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