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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Soap and Glory - Return to Slender.

Soap & Glory Return to Slender.

The Product

The Packaging.... Very nice but I feel the packaging was way to big for the amount of product that it contained. You know them sweet bags when they have like 20 sweets and you get this huge bag. It was kind of like that. But packaging very pretty.

The consistancy of the product... I hated the consistency of the product YOU COULD SEE OIL seperate from the product at times and if the product was left to stand and you didnt shake the tube on a few occasions all I got out was this oil. Very discusting and off putting. The product smelt slighhtly minty and fresh and once on the skin it had this cooling effect meaning if you apply it after the shower and dont get dressed quick enough you end up freezing to death. gross. Some times whilst rubbing the product in it was very sticky and hard to rub in.

Does the product work?

I dont feel that this product works - not even a placebo effect. It is absolutly awful! For the money and the time and effort you have to put into this regime I think it is not worth the effort. But what do you expect for a corner cutting quick fix. My advice is if you want to loose weight go on a diet and go to the gym, long term results will not be gained by this. I think this product relys on making the skin softer and less bumpy to give the apprance of weight loss. An ordinary moisturiser can do that!

I wouldnt recomend this product at all.

Have you tried this product?
Did it work for you?

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