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Friday, 9 December 2011

I finally got naked and got an all nighter - Thanks UD

I finally got the naked pallette and the all nighter make up setting spray!
As NAKED2 is coming out - Ive only just got NAKED1 but I will be making an effort to get NAKED2 ASAP!

So in debenhams they were having a 15% off event on fragrance and beauty so I decided to get these 2 items and I think the two of them came to less than 45.00
Which is amazing.
And I am so impressed with the setting spray - I have done the most awful beauty deed and gone to bed with make up on and my make up has been fine in the morning its so amazing (with liquid foundation anyway) mousse foundation is a different story.

I love all of the colours in it and the blush is excellent!
I hope I dont loose the brush!

A few close ups of all of the colours and of course you get a mini primer potion in the kit aswell.

Yay for urban decay pallettes and the make up setting spray!! x

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