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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Saving Cash For Xmas Sales Project (My personal story)

My Money Saving Project.
Practicall no non-sense tips (One which I have done my self) - So ask me anything about each tip that you want =)

I have decided that my fave time of yr. is xmas so I can get things I like in the sale =)
As many of you know (I think) I am a student - so this is not a huge difference to normal everyday life, but anyway thought I would share a Lot of tips with you, so you can save money. Its about time shops realised they should price there stuff reasonably or we just wont buy it untill the sale : WHO'S WITH ME? lol
- These tips will cost you NOTHING - (hence why ebay is NOT mentioned) !!

Anyway. Tip Number 1: Swap Items you dont need, use or want.
This time of yr it would be good to try and swap items you dont want for items that are new so you can use them as xmas presents. I have been a member of swapz.co.uk for around 2yrs now - and have had some really nice stuff on there - benefit make-up, forelli bags, stunning shoes etc.

Here is a swap that I have recently done:

I swapped urban decay midnight cowboy and urban decay midnigh cowboy rides again & benefits life on the a-list (as I no longer used the eye shaddows) - and I have changed my hair colour now so this lipgloss would not suit me!

For these items (which I adore)

This is no7 (boots) highlighter and a stunning bracelet from accessorize LOVE THEM BOTH =)
If you are interested in joining the swapz.co.uk website it is FREE ! (you pay the postage on all your items though)! - you can be ripped off (but this is ONLY HAPPENED ONCE TO ME) when you get some people you swapped with a lot - you can keep checking their profile and swap with them as you know you can trust them - that is what i tend to do. Please leave a comment if you would like my user name. And if you join I will send u a list of good swappers who I have swapped a lot with. There is brand new good named make up on there - stunning bags - and a forum to chat !! =)

Tip Number 2: Use up products that other family members do not use (these have been taxed off my sister) HAHA.
So as i live in a uni house i went home at the weekend and cleaned my old room up ! - Under my sisters bed I found these (she obviously dont even know they were misisng) thats how much she needs/uses them so thought i WOULD GIVE THEM A PLACE TO STAY =)
I seen that the pink one says 12.50 on it :O I have used this once.
I dont know how much the blue one was ment to be - and have not used this yet (if you have any tips please let me know) =)

And the eyeshaddow is clinique - she dont use that eaither - so had that ! - I only want it for the brown shade though =/

Tip Number 3: Mini Make-up Project.
This is like a project ten pan - which you can find video's off on youtube for inspiration!
Basically what happens is - you pick 10/5 (how ever many products you want) and make a promise that you will not buy any more make up untill you have 'hit pan or used up' all of the products.
I decided to de-pot some of my products in order to use them up.
tip: keep the products you want to use up near where you get ready in the morning so you automatically reach for them!!
 These are the products that I want to use up... before opening any back ups. =)

Bourjois rose symphonic no 20 lipgloss - nearly done =)
Models own blusher (my 2nd)
Loreal lash renewal - close to done aswell
depoted are: benefits just peachy powder and Primer.

Make space for the stuff you will buy in xmas sales and save ur self money !!!

Tip number 4: Do not buy food at work/uni/school (whatever)
This Drink is ment to be 1.90 at uni !! (Can u belive it)
I dont care what people say I am re-filling the bottle. Take your own lunch - dig a sandwhich box from the cupboard - invest in some sandwhich bags !! When I am on placement I will make my lunch for the next day whilst I cooking tea =) Its so easy and simple and you can clean everthing up at once - without letting lunch time clean out ur purse =)
Do not let these rip off companys benefit !!

Hope you liked this post =)


  1. I swear by those tips! And wow, I'm surprised to see I'm not the only one swearing by tip #4! I keep repeating it to my broke boyfriend... oh well, I guess boys are boys...

  2. Awesome tips! I NEVER buy stuff to eat or drink at work cos the prices are crazy. Nothing beats swapping stuff - I'm always giving my kid sister bits and pieces and then pinching things from her :)

  3. Suprising how much money you spend buying things out here and there - ive known 20quid to go in a week... (ohhhfft what i could have got in a supermarket for that)

    Thanks for the comments - if you want me to do another 4 tips soon I will do =) xxxx

  4. Great tips Aimee, you've definately made me think about using things up. I tend to stick to the same beauty essentials and forget about all the gorgeous makeup I have. I think a huge factor is, that I don't go out anymore (due to my back), so all my gorgeous smokey eye type make up has been put on the back burner for now. I have the same same Clinique eye palatte (taxed from my mum hehe), and just wanted to let you know the paler colour makes a great highlighter for the brow/cheek bones (waste not want not).

    I loved tiggi hair care (alternated with LUSH of course), the Brunette Goddess range is divine! I've recently been try Ton Wolfs range (also pretty expensive but if you shop around you can get it more reasonable), and it's GORGEOUS. The scent is really natural and pretty and the smoothing balm and heat protection spray are winners.

    Hope you have a fabulous xmas! When do you graduate? Your doing Nursing right? I remeber being really nervous about graduating but excited at the same time.