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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lush November FORUM partyyy ...

Lush Forum Party Haul - November !

Everybody must know how much I love Lush by now !

Anyway this is all the stuff i got from the november forum party !
- 2 okra (retro) conditoner for dry hair 1.00p EACH
- 2 ICE blue shampoo (retro) (smells the same as the fair trade foot lotion) 1.00p EACH
- Forever in Bloom (retro) hair conditioner for fly away hair 1.00p EACH

The two perfumes:
Around 25 pounds each ! the twilight was a little more...

The solid perfumes...
x3 Honey I washed the Kids 1.00p EACH (smells just like the soap)
X2 The comforter 1.00p EACH (smells like comforter bubble bar)
X2 American Cream 1.00p EACH (SMELLS exactly the same as my fave conditioner)

The best smells are.. all the solid perfumes and day of the dead. ! Love love love it... smells EXACTLY the same as them lil jelly faces... so sweet !!

If you have any questions or comments
Please place them below
and dont for get to follow me... to see more great bargains ! =) xxx

bye for now, aimee xxxx


  1. Ooooh, looks awesome! I cant believe you got so much - it'd take me AGES to get through this lot!

    I really fancy trying the Lush sugar lip scrub stuff (the pink one that's s'posed to smell like Snow Fairy) cos apparently it's really great :)

  2. yh i have the pink bubble gum 1: its deffo like snow fairy... the sugar particals r bigger in that 1... I prefer the new xmas scrub (lip dip) altho its like a mouse =/ so u gta b garefull with it.... Its particals r smaller... and smells wiked !! no too sickly eaither !! amazingggggg !!! =) still 4.50 i think....

    i slap conditioner on like no1s buisness so that wont take long to use lol... its the solids that will take ages tho !! x x