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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Everything in my make up bag at the min...

This is everything in my make up bag at the min ! - obviously not my whole collection.

- If u do want to see my whole collection - which is not much more than this please comment =) and I will do it for you =)

My fave item in here is the estee lauder eye shaddow due. Which cost me less than a bar of chocolate! Im looking for a dupe of this eyeshaddow but can not seem to find 1 - so I think ill have to re buy it at like 30quid. Its called 'estee lauder signature silky eyeshaddow' & the 2 shades are 01 mocha and 02 softsmudge brown!

Since I died my hair darker the urban decay brow kit I can not be without now! shade is ginersnap comes with tweezers, small brush and eye brow wax + mirror.

The depotted item in clear jar is benefits just peachy powder - I was moving out and thrown a bag down the stairs and that was in it - and broken =( good old primark travel jar saved the day !!

Clinique eye cream in nude sparkle is amazing for a natural/naked look (what ever u want to say lol. This was a bargain 5pounds from the market !

x2 lip smakers - the vanilla 1 smells like fizzy cola bottles and the other smells like fizzy strawberry drink 1.50p each from PRIMARK

Primark primer 3.00p !! - i have shrown the benefit 1 out and replaced it with this 1 !!!!

Avon spectra lash mascarra (twist at the bottom) for different looks (seems to be a gimic) doesnt work - okay mascarra - 5pounds on offer when i got it

Miss sport mascarra 1.50... amazing!! dupe of number 7 mascarra in gold tube - but this has glitter =/ not noticable unless up close though - but could irritate some peoples eyes!

ncy eye shaddows - I use the lighter colours of these to blend my estee lauder 1s out ! bargain 59p each !!

Lip dip! - NEED TO - use this before putting my lip products on or lip skin cells seem to be all over my lips - ewww ! this was 4.50 from lush - this is 1 of the xmas editions !!

Dream matte mouse - every1 knows about this now - so wont say anything

Mac lipstick in pretty please a rip off 12.00


NO 17 LIPSTICK in balmy beige - totaly nude coral lipstick - this lipstick is the 1 thats responsible for getting me back into lipsticks !!

NYC pallette - Perfect & Reflect - Amazing 4 in 1 - correct redness, highlight cheeks and eyes, conceler and a eye primer - and for me i like this eye primer better than the urban decay primer potion ! DONT LAFF - seriously i do - so much better  - its weightless and effortless. totally timeless - can put it on with sponge applicator for v.light application. Eye shaddows do not like dryed on or crusted to the eyes like with the urban decay - it looks gently swept across the eyes - bur maximum effect bold colour - will deffo b buying this again !!

Models own brush - i use for powder and blusher ... 5.00 (Was neverous as its a retractable brush that it would break) but was worth 5.00 deffo !!

Thats pretty much it - Any comments please let me know! any questions ill get back to you !!! please let me know if u have found a dupe to my estee lauder eye shaddow anywhere... b4 i pay the rip off money for it =( xxxx

Bye for now - aimee xxx

My Complete Collection as requested by Paula !! =)

The rest of my make up collection - Not much since I began my lush addiction!
I think that many people who know or heard of/ seen advertised most of these products to be honest.
but if u do have a question please get in touch =)

loves, aimee x


  1. OOOOO nice,the only items i have out of these are the mini bourjois eyeshadows.I really really want to try the primark primer.Would love to see your whole collection :)


  2. Awww thanks so much Aimee you have just satisfied the nosy side of me haha.I really want to try the models own blusher.Have you tried any of the m.u.a products yet.Everything in the collection is £1,it's such a good way to build your collection and the make-up is soooo good. Love and hugs xx

  3. this looks awesome! I've seriously nosy so love getting to have a look at other people collections. I bought the Primark primer thanks to your recommendation :)

    Was gonna pick up a couple of those lip blams (the fanta and coke ones) but totally forgot about it! Kinda regret it now cos my lips are not in good shape at all thanks to the horrible Belfast weather!

  4. Great makeup collection :) xxx