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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Benefit 'that gal' Primer - various formulars why? x

'That Gal' Face Primer By Benefit 
Brightening Face Primer by Benefit
Incluing the travel size version - QUERY change in formulation!!
RRP: 20.50p
I brought this product with my own money and am no way connected to the company!

Here we have benefits full size  - 11ml/0.37 oz.
Advices product used in 12 months
Twist style stick.. Product comes out of the little holes: Great way of keeping product clean Love that idea - plus you know 1/2 a twist - 1 full twist will be enough!
You can apply this on the go without it going everywhere. I have carried this product around in my bag no breakages or leaking. Packaging is totally practical. However I do feel like you are paying some of that 20.50p (Big price tag - I would say) for the packaging.

Lovely smelling thick creamy Lovely Primer.
That is prob as much as you need for your whole face aswell. - You really do not need much.

When i decided to use the product I had quite a few spots and red patches I didnt like. I do not use the product any more as it would be of no benefit as My skin has got so much better. Especially now I actually have some kind of skin routine no matter how hectic.

However just another point to make. The travel size version of this product Is totally different. In colour, formulation and results.

Check this out...

 This is the travel size 6ml Product which came in a set, which had gorgeous record, benefit lip tint, high beam and this.
 As you can see here the colour and formula look so much different and you would be right even the smell is different - this is also a squeeze tube and not a twist style stick.

I think this formulation is much more harder to use however the colour is more profound, I prefer the full size twist stick. No because of the packaging or anything like that just because I feel that the formulation is soo much better and easy to apply.

Just to compare again. The First one is the travel version and the second is the full size edition.

Comments etc. Please feel free to comment if you wish.
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  1. Great review! I'm not a big fan of the Benefit range because I find a lot of their stuff to be really gimmicky and not particularly effective but this primer sounds great. It might even be enough to tempt me away from my usual smashbox photo finish! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Hun !!! I think its very expensive. I brought this and a 'get even' powder because you got a bag free, and i was on placement at the time n feelin a bit crap and this bag said ' the best cosmetic is smiling so grin and wear it' - the bag soon broke aswell !! =(

    Let me know if you do try it and what you think. I wouldnt get the travel size 1 though =/ xxx loves !! xxxx