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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Reveiw of American Cream

Reveiw of American Cream Double Strength Conditioner.
I would decsribe this product as  'A Buy until I die, five star masterpeice of a Product'

Here is why....

So this morning I came to the end of my 500G bottle of American Cream - So I decided I would do a reveiw (Yes I do have a back up).

------------Product sizes and price ---------
Price & Product Sizes... 3.80 p for 100g
for 7.60 250g
12.25 for 500g
(As you can see it deffo works out better to get the 500g - which is what I will always do now)
I still however think that having the product in the 3 different sizes is a BRILLIANT idea, as you can have a trial/travel size (with the small bottle) medium bottle to try out for a few weeks/ gift idea and the 500g for if you decide to use it on a permanent basis.

----------- Pakaging --------

Pakaging... Plain simple, effective and you can recycle it. You have a squeezey method for use... and you can screw off the cap to get more product more quickly. The screw off cap also comes in handy when the product has nearly gone to you can add water to the bottle put the lid on and shake it inorder to get more product out. =)

Down side to the pakaging... is its quite thin plastic and if you have long hair and squeeze a lot of product out the plastic goes into a miss-shape and you have to pop it back into shape which leaves a weird line on the bottle... After I had the line on the bottle I thought it would cause the plastic to split but it didnt.

------ The product -----
Key ingredients: Ethically sourced vanilla (add moisture to the hair), orange and strawberries (vitamin C and antioxidants.

Where you can also order this product on line if you wish)

Full list of ingredients here:
Smell: Honey/Vanilla with a hint of strawberry smoothie.
Consistancy: medium thickness.
Texture: smooth, thickish.
Results: Calm, tame, smooth, hair, damage from heat and colour slowly repaired.
I have coloured dark hair and have not seen any evidence of the colour fading.

----- How to use the product ----
As a normal conditioner.
Get your hair nice and wet in the bath or shower.
After shampooing, generously apply our creamy conditioner to wet hair, then rinse off.

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  1. Awesome review! I've been looking for a decent conditioner for a while now because I've tried dozens in the past but havent found any I really really like. This one sounds perfect, not least of all because I adore vanilla :)


  2. You will love my next reveiw then haha omg... im guna b sooo bad 4 ur bank ballance xxx