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Monday, 8 November 2010

American Sweets & Primark Primer !!

Primark Primer & American Sweets.        
 After hearing so many good things about this primark primer and looking for it for ages on Saturday - I finally managed to get 1. It was stuck on another stand - just waiting for me as if by magic ! It is called 'prime of your life' and the shade is 'in the pink'. This was 3.00 for 12.mls. ( compared to the benefit 20.50 for the same amount), this is amazing. Exactly the same system of getting the product out as benefit. Nice top art design. Doesn't smell as nice as benefit but saving 17.50p - I DONT CARE.

This Primer is amazing... It makes your sekin look dewy, whilst still feeling matt, and gives a radient look. Amazing for 3.00p - AMAZZZINNNG. Good buy Benefit - HELLO primark. Love this sooo much more! Glad I got this... no wounder I couldnt get hold of one though. Sorry about the quality of the swatch... basically its a pinky/peach foundation colour which goes into a clear primer when rubbed on the face.

You have to love American sweeets....
Could not resist buying these... they cost around 1.40ea though which is a RIP OFF !
But o well... I have to say my fave is the coconut m&ms. Why does everything American taste soooo much better... =(
Un-fair !!

Ammazzzing pick me up though =) haha.
Goes hand in hand with LUSH ! =)


  1. Ooooh, looks like an awesome find! My local Primark store is absolutely massive yet they only sell a few cosmetic items :( Rather annoying. I'm popping into town tomorrow so I'm gonna have a look for this. Been using the same primers for a while and I really love the thought of getting a good one for £3!

    I cant stand American chocolate for some reason. I guess it's just because I'm so used to the same old stuff - when I try something different it just doesnt taste quite right. Talk about being set in your ways!! :)

  2. Hey

    Great blog, I'll have to look out for that one in primark, sounds great :)

    I love ALL chocolate :) xxx

  3. hey Jo... Im following ur blog tooo ! you have sum wiked posts =) rle detailed n that - i love all choco 2 - not keen on dark tho,. Love these coco nut m&ms the best - but at 1.40 a pack its a enough to make me give up chocolate 4 gd !! xxxx