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Friday, 12 November 2010

ALL free !

Free Kitchen Wear !

1. My nuber 1 freebie at the min is with Cravendale Milk.
If you didnt know about this.. with every 2litre bottle you get a code.
Each code is 1 token. There are items on the website listed which you save tokens for. Then order your item its really that simple!
- All items are kitchen wear!

Below shows what the labels look like and 2 items that I have been sent for FREE (NO POSTAGE PAYMENT REQUIRED)

- If you sign up - enter 3 peoples email address you will also get 3 free tokens!
- You need a minimum of 8 to get something.

I have hear a bowl - heavy and good quality and my mug that you can put buiscuits in!
I have since ordered another bowl for the boyfriend and a fancy cup for to have my nesquick milkshakes in.

                                                     I know my choca mocha thing needs stiring!

Make amazing xmas gifts especially the cup with busicuit holder - I have not seena mug like this anywhere else - and its heavy and good quality - Not bad for a freebie on something you use everyday!

Go to: www.milkmatters.co.uk/rewards to sign up and see what is avalible - they have tea towels to tea pots! Dont forget to invite 3 friends and you will instantly be given 3 tokens. If you get anything after this post please let me know !!

Or if you cant be bothered - and you have any codes you dont want - wink wink..... !! :P

Plus any other freebies you want to post please comment !
We all need stuff b4 the tax goes up =) haha !!

Awesome deal.
If you are going to uni next year get these free in advance - people will know they are urs !

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