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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Gorgeous Coat - Stunning Jacket - swap/sale

As its winter I know people will be looking for a coat/Jacket.
So I have 2 items here 12/14 sizes and would like to swap/sell them.
Images taken with camra phone wich has a black dot on it. This is not on the items its on my camra xxx

1. Jacket River Island, Size 14, Would fit a 12 Well.
Brillinatly made, excellent quality - heavy duty jacket - Will last a hell of a long time

I would describe condition as 'as new' no marks, no wear/tear.

Stunning design inside the jacket - v.small black crystals on the design inside of the coat !

Close up of the River Island logo on the popers! - As you can see everything on this coat is great quality and v.well made

Front of the coat ! I dont feel like the pic does it Justice - Has kind of a stunning fashionable frosted finished on the black of the jacket.


Item 2. The Leapord Print Coat. - Gorgeous.
says 14 inside . Would also fit a 12/14 nicely !

AS you can see here - this is the exact same coat - my pictures on my camra phone dont do the coat justice. !

The sleeves of the coat and the detail on them

The buttons of the coat and what the belt bow looks like when done up - im not good at tying bows though

The whole coat - Pictures does not do any of these items justice as taken on my camra phone =(

Please leave a comment if you are interested or email me =) Please tell me what swaps you have or cash offer =) thanks.


  1. Love the leopard coat.I am a 14-16 and gutted. Hope you make a sale xxx


  2. I love the leopard coat only coats like that arent that glamorous on the little people like me