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Thursday, 11 November 2010

8 Beauty Items I have used & WILL BE BUYING AGAIN !

8 beauty related items i have used all up, & Will be BUYING AGAIN. =)

1. Loreal lash serum
- My boyfriend and a house mate asked me if i had FAKE EYE LASHES ON. enough said.
Appox 10 pounds been a year this month since I got this. And still have some to use. Hense the back up. (I got the back up for a fiver off the market though - yes from the market and real - all faint now).

2. Models own Blusher - A fiver. In Peach Blush
I have used a whole one of these since begining of september and now im on my second. Love this. Does not dry skin out nor makes me look orange. Nice formula. 5er. End of.

3. American Cream Conditioner From lush!
Maybe you have seen my reveiw of this. Im addicted. Now I also have x2 soilid perfumes of this ... amazing =) 5 stars. 12.25 for 500g ! 1 bottle lasts me around a month cuz i have really long hair. But Its amazing. I just have to pay it!
- I will be re-purchasing everything I own from lush but the main thing will be this... so say no more.

4. Primark primer - IF I CAN GET IT AGAIN
Deffo will be purchasing this lil gem of a product. 3pounds !! whooop... it makes my foundation so dewy no matter what foundation i wear. AMAZZINGGG !

5. Loreal Mascarra
 - Amazing - I can really trust this mascarra always to perform! - My old faithful =)

6. Burts Bees Baby bee cream
Ment for baby's bums but brilliant for a under eye cream! amazing. Think this is 12 pounds in debenhams but I got this for 5 pounds from the market =)

7. Natural Collection Face Powder in WARM.
 I have 4 back ups of this at the min. - Amazing. 2.00p each and the quality and amount is fantastic. This has been on the re-purchase list for around 3 years now, i beleive. I have tried other face powders in between - mineral ones etc, and benefits get even. Much prefer this! when you weigh up the quality, amount, durability etc for the price. Nothing seems to compare.

8.  Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit
I know I rave about lush products but I really can not get enough of this, ... It smells great, works, lasts a while. In grate packaging so you can get the last lil bits out... amazin =)

 What Items can you not live without & why.

What is on your buy until I die or something better comes along list =)

bye for now, aimee x


  1. Awesome post! I was considering trying the L'Oreal lash serum but havent got around to it. If it's worked so well for you then I'm definitely gonna give it a try!

    Not a big fan of the Models Own range but this blush actually looks really pretty

    After your review of the Primark Primer it's actually on my shopping list. I'm doing a little shopping tomorrow or Saturday so I intend to get my hands on this!

    Hurrah for burts bees! I bought this for my nephew but my sis came across a cream she liked better so now I use this on my knees and elbows when they're really dry and it works a treat

    I got LOADS of samples of the pink grapefruit wash in magazines and I adored it! Smelled scrummy and left my skin feeling clean and soft. Unfortunately I've got some seriously bad breakouts at the min so I'm not even considering changing my cleanser just in case it makes it worse!

    To be honest I'm not particularly loyal and I constantly change the products I use - one thing I absolutely ALWAYS use is Vaseline. I've been using it for years and years so I can't see my trading it in for anything else in the future :)

  2. I really want to try that Loreal Serum too, might have to buy it this month, just to see if it works for me. Mmmmm Papa Johns! lol x

  3. Deffo get the loreal lash serum... any mascarra will glide on over the top of it... ive used quite a few brands and they all do. altho its around 10pounds and VERY WORTH IT... try n get it for cheaper... as its not a product you really notice (cnt explain what i mean)

    Yh the models own blush is something I will buy (but only really the blusher) i love the branding tho... altho their make up brushes r EXCELLENT !!

    the primer was stuffed on a shelf somewhere id nd ther was only 1 - id been trying to get it 4 weeks! - i asked if she will have any more nd she said she didnt know... other ppl on youtube love it aswell ive seen some gr8 reveiws!!

    I tryed the sample of the grapefruit too in glamour mag nd then brought it... when it was 2 for 5er... I think its amazing but would have to make a decision to spend 5er on 1... =/

    Not a fan of vaseline but I no many older ppl swear that is what has kept them young. !!

    thanks for ur comments !! xxx

  4. So the L'Oreal Lash Serum really works? Amazing! Thanks for letting us know!