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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Home Made Lemonade Plus reincarnate review requested by Zoe

.Home Made Lemonade.
.Seriously Easy to make.

As we are getting into the winter months and the fact that I have already had a cold which lasted a few days. I am trying to do everything I can to avoid getting another one.This lemonade is seriously easy to make and super cheap. So you will have a lot to share and a lot of pennys left.

You will need: 7 lemons, 150g sugar, 225mls water, sprigs of mint. A pan, wooden spoon, glasses, ice cubes, a jug. A juicer or a strong hand.

I got the 7 lemons from asda costing around 27p each.

Peel the zest of 5 lemons.
Put them in a large sauce pan.
Add the 150g of sugar
Add the 225mls of water.
And bring to the boil. Once boiling let simmer for 2 mins.

Whilst this is simmering. Squeeze the juice of the 5 lemons you have peeled. Put the juice into a jug. I got this jug from ikea for around 2.00 and its a heavy good one. I seen the same 1 at asda for around 4pounds though.

Once the sugar has disolved in your sauce pan. Leave to cool until the liquid is cold. Once cold. Seperate the lemon zest from the syrup you have just made. Add this to the jug of lemon juice and leave in the fridge for atleast 1/2 an hour.
Once its been in the fridge for 1/2 an hour... pour some into a class and dilute with tap water or carbonated water (the same way you would dilute squash) add ice cubes and sprigs of mint. Slice the other 2 lemons you sould have and use these for decoration purposes.

Your own LEMONADE.
keep this in mind over xmas =) would be great at parties/ summer faits etc.
And the kids will love this healthy drink. Get them involved with helping you aswell =)
 Beleive me its so delisious its addictive !

Reveiw of Lush's Reincarnate Solid shampoo to revive dark coloured hair.
Dedicated to ZOE who you will see always chattering away on the LUSH Fan Page on Facebook.

Heres what the website says:


Reincarnate brings your sad scalp and your fading dark hair colour back to life! It is the love child of two of our earlier shampoos and combines the scalp treatment of rhassoul mud from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains with Persian red henna to revitalize your colour, plus sedra powder for gloss and condition. It smells like incense wafting from an Eastern temple through the surrounding spice market.

This is 3.75p /100grams of product.

My Thoughts.

First of all I noticed the smell above all else. It smells like the strangest liquish you have ever smelt in your life. But after only 2 washes with the stuff I can say that I have got used to the smell straight away. Once in the shower with this stuff i wet it and started to lather it up which was fairly difficult to do. However I got a small amount on my hand and rubbed that into my hair and this went such a long way! I think as this was the 1st solid shampoo I had used, I was expecting it to be like liquid shampoo. What teh product gives off when u rub it is more than adequate and I realise this now. I left it on the shelf in teh shower as well and I am really pleased to say it did not slide around, it didnt disintergrate, nor did it stick its self to the shelf.After washing and drying my hair stayed soft, smelt nice, didnt dry my hair out nor make it greasy. I am looking forward to seeing my hair colour brought back to life a bit within the next few weeks. I will post on any results I see when I see them basically. I think for the use I know that I will be getting from this it is more than worth 3.75 =)

Thanks Lush absolutely brilliant.

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  1. Hi Aimee! Love your lemonade recipe, I'll have to give it a go. I always get colds in winter, so that'll brighten me up a bit lol. Fabulous blog, I'm looking forward to your updates! See you around, hun.
    Sarah xx