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Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Hauling =)
Im 21 this month so I have spoilt my self rotten recently lol.

3 Sally Hansen 'La Cross' Proffesional Brushes - All under 2.50

Close up Foundation Brush 2.50 =)

Eye Brush 1.50 =)

Blush brush 2.50

Close up's.... =)


Avon =)
To find out more on privledges and how to become a AVon A-lister please see previous post.

This was on offer at 7.00 usually 10.50 (I think) And it is amazing so thought id get a back up =)

Pro - to go lipstick in pink sizzle - was on offer at 5.00 - Gorgeous colour and v.pigmented - But not sure you get that much product for your money =/


Bubbles & Marque - And YES they are PUKKA ITEMS - and no they are not from FLEA BAY =)

Body shop had a huge offer on - Which I blogged about.
I got all of the vitamin E things in this picture for 19.76 =)
I got free delivery!
And got a comb and lip butter - Paid for, in order to reveive a 12.50 coconut body butter =)
They also included a free perfume sample =)
All of what you see in the picture cost me around 27.00

My Friend given me a no.7 5pounds voucher so decided to get the cuticle cream. I have the avon one - so could do a comparison post soon =)

Carboot Sale.
We decided to do a carboot sale to make space and a few quid at the same time - It was freezing, and what we didnt sell we given to a local charity shop called LOROS - Which raises money for a HOSPICE.

Whilst there I had to have a look around =/ =)

I seen these on a stall that was selling brand new things - these are all brand new - the maxfactor smokey eye pens were 2.00 each and the masterpeice mascarra was 1.00
The hello kitty makeup bag featured in avon some time ago - was brand new and from the carboot for 50p =)

My Soap and Glory Stuff from boots (minus lip products that are in the oicture below)
- The glad hair day did not come in this set but everything else did...

I seen this at the carboot - it was being sold by a hairdresser so she knew how expensive they are - she wanted 5.00 for this but I offered 4.00 and she excepted =)

2 for 5.00 at boots on barry M glossy tubes and nail paints - I got mushroom and clear.
The miss guided lipgloss came free with cosmo magazine - its from missguided and was ment to be 5.00
The 3 in the middle are soap and glory products that came in the kit from boots
and I got 2 for 5.00 on the glossy tubes.
I also had a spend 20.00 get 2.00 worth of points - so got my dinner from boots aswell - and 2 other soap and glory items whilst it was 1/3rd off. - I got glow potion (not on here) and the glad hair day conditioner.

I seen this gorgeous notebook aswell - which these can be around 5.00 each someplaces... and it was.. 50p =)


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    Fab stuff there hun.Can't believe boots sent you a used foundation. Will do that haul from fragrance direct that you requested soon. Have a fab Birthday xxx