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Saturday, 28 May 2011



The make-up collection - exclusive to superdrug that is 1.00 =)
I got 2 eye shaddows. 10g each.

Shade 1- Pearl as a highlight
shade 11 - as the darker colour.
Add a bit of liner and mascarra to get this look - easy as ABC =)

These pics I uploaded to MUA facebook fan page aswell (hense the border)
Join here for, news, competitions and make up discusions.=)

Please join =)

You can buy this make up at the min at superdrug - and for the next few days u get 15% off everything and 10 points per pound so in effect you get 25% off everyting - as you get 15p off every 1.00 and then another 10points/10 pence on your beauty card =) and spent 25.00 and get FREE delivery !

1ST shaddow is URBAN DECAY (TWICE BAKED) 2ND IS MUA (YES THE 1.00 SHADE) look how much more creamy it is compared to the urban decay one

I have a order en route - should be here MONDAY - PLEASE LOOK BACK FOR MORE LOOKS/SWATCHES AS i know that they are not very good on the superdrug site =)

BUT you will NOT be dissapointed in the quality =)

Leave comments =) /links to other blog posts about MUA =)

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