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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hual: RiverIsland, Lush, Clinique & a Generous Friend and General .

=) Dinner & Haulage (=

So Today we went for dinner at a local pub - I thought it would be cheap - and it may seem cheap to some people but for these 2 meals which most puds do on offer for like 2-for-6.00 - cost me 12.00 for these 2 and 2 drinks (1 of which was a soft drink so Im not too impressed but there ya go) =/

My Food.

Tims Food =)
I have a very Generous Friend =)
Who given me lots of things including, x2 Dorothy Perkins Handbags, a lot of St.TROPEZ tanning stuff - a whole system and more infact and a lot of make up and soap and Glory stuff.

But the best things were there URBAN DECAY PALLETTES - which boots were selling at 10.00 each - and she got 2 and then felt she would never use them and given them to me =)




Glamour Mag.. Finally ....
After going to many stores and TRAMPS nicking the free gifts :O - which I still can not get over. The stores where the gifts were nicked included. WHS, Morrisons, and many local corners shops - unreal!!
However.. Finally I seen in 1 store say 'if you are looking for Glamour ask at the counter - so I did and they had quite a few - but only 2 left after I had finished there =)

I have not tried clinique skin care before as its never really appealed to me - so will see how this goes.


.River Island.

I feel out of place still wearing UGG'S ALREADY - so needed some sandles - the last pair I had from Dorothy Perkins lasted me 2 years - I hate to say lol ... Not very girly to use the same I guess... I liked these shoes and thought they would really hurt and they looked small for a 6 - but they are great and sooo comfortable.
They were 19.99p - so Hopefully they will last me 2 years - and I will have another Bargain =)
tee hee


With all those products you all seen that I used I had to go and collect some face masks - I got 2 free as I taken back 10 POTS !
And as my bf smokes he wanted a anti-aging one - as I keep telling him he is aging so badly haha - he is !! DONT SM0KE !! 

  1. Cupcake - as I have slight break out at the min on my chin
  2. Brazened Honey - JUST BECAUSE LOL -
  3. Sacred Truth - the aging one - as my bf smokes and its for him

 General Points
Flap Jack pics and receipe still to come on Monday =)
I still plan to do the huge avon haul april 15th - see what I got for 160.00 !!

C7 of Avon has buy any make-up item choose one free - so you can litrally get a lip gloss and a really nice foundation for 6.00 pounds - which is MADNESS =)


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