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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fragrance Direct Haul

 fragrance Direct.


so I got tigi 'dumb blonde shampoo' I am trying to go blonde - but have to have streaks gradually - in mean time of giving my hair a break - Im using shampoo in order to fade some more of the dark out ! - I got one from the salon called DESIGN LINE - REGIS - SILVER SHINE (AROUND 10.00)
I thought this dumb blonde one (because of the name) would be kinda the same. But on the back it says - for ALL HAIR COLOURS =/ anyway was cheap so....

THIS WAS ONLY AROUND 5.50p so Im not worried - smells of strawberry laces aswell =)


Mascarra - lash stilletto

This is a BRILLIANT MASCARRA - and was 1.99p from Fragrance Direct

I got 2 celebrity look smokey eye pallettes from w7
1.50p each !!

- one is a silver smokey eye -
- one is a brown smokey eye -

Delivery is also only 1.99 for any order - no matter how big !!

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  1. Just looked on the site,looks fab.Think i'll place a little order later, just try it out like :D