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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Redken Anti-Snap Reveiw

Redken Anti- Snap Reveiw

I payed just under 16.00 at the Hair dressers for this!
But if you shop around on the internet you can get it Much cheaper... !!!
This is a 250ml Bottle.

I have used this for 1 MONTH NOW - so feel I can reveiw this HONESTLY

What the hair dresser told me: She said this treatment is to put put on towel dried hair and will last 5 washes - so you only need to put this on every 5 washes. I can not find anything on the internet that advices this & NOTHING is mentioned about 'every 5 washes on the bottle'.

What the Bottle says (USE WITHIN 12 MONTHS SYMBOL): Anti-snap leave in treatment fortifies the damaged areas of the hair and helps reduce breakage. Hair is healthy looking, managable and shiny. DIRECTIONS: Apply to towel dried hair to damaged or fragile areas. DO NOT RINSE OUT.

How does this product claim to work?
Proteins ! - This product claims to work by the hair soaking up these MUST HAVE proteins in order to fortify the hair and stop it snapping.

Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System delivers a unique 3D Repair Complex of proteins, ceramide and lipids to help provide internal stregnth, cuticle reinforcementa and protective resurfacing.

Key ingredients:

  • Proteins = internal strength
  • Ceramide = cuticle reinforcement
  • Natural Lipids = protective resurfacing

The plastic is very thin on this bottle =/
The bottle does have a nice pump dispenser.
My hair is so long that I prob. use about 5 pumps each wash.
As I put this in each wash - and not every 5 which the hair dresser told me to.
As when I left it for a few washes I brushed my hair and I could see bits that had snapped off !

Final Comments:
  • This product does not leave the hair sticky or burn to straightners!
  • I do feel that the product is worth having if you can find it for around 10/12 pounds - not 16.00!
  • I feel that if you had a hair dye accident and your hair needs urgent attention: (THIS HAPPENED TO ME ONCE) then this is a MUST HAVE PRODUCT!
Want to buy this product...?
I have found it cheaper on these sites:

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