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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Make - up STORAGE =) Pictures

Before I seen a simples set of plastic draws in Asda (Walmart company to you in U.S) for 5.00 My make-up was everywhere and - boyfriend was getting very p*sd off lol - Problem solved for a fiver !!
The draws already come made up =)
The only colours I seen were silver =/

Obviously My collection is not huge so these are fine...

You get 5 -draws which are quite deep

This gives you some idea of the length and depth of the draws - all draws are the same size !


Draw 1 : Skin care related stuff : soap, perfume, some lip scrubs that kinda thing.

Draw 2: Skin Care : cotton wool, face masks, muslin cloths, scissors and tweezers -

Draw 3: Eye related items. eye brow eye. dazzle dusts, some pallettes, curlers etc.

Face Draw 4: A bit of a mess, foundations, primers, blushers that kind of thing. - I have a lot of avon face items so will do a collective reveiw soon - Im just about to get some more items so will be worth doing it then... I will be reveiwing the 4 that you see in the picture plus 3 others I think, and some face brushes.

The last draw is a lip draw/ bracelets & Nail Varnishes =)

To be honest It may seem like a simple plastic draw set but now:
  • I can get more sleep - as I dont take as long to get ready in the morning
  • I am less stressed before work as I can find everything
  • I can see what I have everyday - so I am not buying products the same - SAVING MONEY
  • I know whats running out as I see most of my make up each day in the draws =)
  • And I can also store items on top and grab them before I go in the shower =) (student house so I keep limited stuff in the bathroom)

Here are some of the items that I just keep on the top !


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  1. omg you have the same drawers as me except mine only came with 4 drawers http://barrymandmissporty.blogspot.com/2011/05/collections-my-make-up-collection-will.html