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Monday, 14 March 2011

Avon Products - Lush Product Usage !

Lush Usage & Exciting Avon Stuff ! =)

  • As Many of you will know... I used to be a hugeeee lush fan - looking back at some of my collection pictures on here and hauls - The truth is though .. its a nice luxury (but they are not as holy as they think they are) and there are many products that are 50% of more cheaper and do the job as well if not better.

  • A picture of some of the products ive used so far this year 3 months - Ive kept the tubs for free face masks/ re-cycling!

If you would like any reveiws on any items that you see here - Please let me know !


I have ordered 160.00 worth of avon products to arrive approx 15th April !
So I will deffo be doing a HUGE HAUL on all of the stuff that I got =)
keep your eyes pealed ... breifly some of the things I got were
  • Variety of the eye quads
  • 2 make up brushes
  • Lot of Lipsticks & Glosses
  • Foundations
  • A lot of skin care
  • Perfume
  • A Handbag & goodies
  • A lot of hair care inc. Brushes /conditioners/ masks
  • Skin Care - a good few clensers
  • And then some famous avon items
  • Anew MAKE UP =)
Can not wait !
I just think the products are worth every penny so what more can ya say !! =)


Also this monday (21st) - I will be making some FlapJacks with a variety of ingredience - will be doing this on a budjet with a friend - as we are sick of paying through the roof for breakfast bars & Hopefully I will save money at uni lol ... so pics - diff flavours and receipe coming up for that !

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  1. OOOOOOOO MAHOOOSIVE HAUL can't wait to have a nosey :)