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Saturday, 5 March 2011

X-mas Sale stuff

Hey everyone - sorry this has been a bit late - been soooo busy with my uni course (yr 3 eeekkk) so you can imagen the hell !

Here is some of the things that I got in the x-mas sale - I will do another post soon on make up storage as I have now got a system for it - and will also be reveiwing a lot of avon face make-up products =)

But here goes with xmas sale items =)

Body shop Blusher - rose sented - I had this once before at the full price of 10.00 so knew it was amazing - 3.00 in sale =)
Eye Pallette was 5.00 in sale (twilight pallette)
Mens gift set was 3.00 =) Bargain
Lip Gloss was also 3.00

Lush Gift sets in sale - 1/2 price
Winter Wounderland
x2 winter walmers
x1 candy cane box
x1 lovely jublies breast firming cream
x1 250g sylvia stout shampoo
x2 ginger bread houses
x1 bearded lady
x1 first snow box
unsure of the other box's name with the holly on it

kept all boxes for storage - and also got the xmas forum MING =)

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  1. I WANT all that lush stuff. :)
    Lovely items hun xxx

  2. love,love,love lush stuff cant wait for next sale,only just found out they have a sale lol :P