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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December swapping is the new SHOPPING =)

I thought I would share with you some of my swapz for December!
People are quite rightly fighting back against higher VAT - and well totally being ripped off for a long time by companys charging ridiculous prices and selling a few items, rather than selling a lot at a reasonable price.
This is also the view of many swappers that I have spoken to !
- I for one am not going to be buying much any more - foundation as you cnt find the shade and brand sometimes through swaps sites. My phone contract will be coming down in Feb. Ive absolutly had enough of being taken for a ride!

So theory behind my swaps over....

1. I swapped all of the things you see here for my coat (Which I had on here previously)

2. B - Dazzeled and Bedroom - Cream eye shaddows.
Special ingredients in them - almond oil. water with rose petal infusion.

I dont know if you can call this a swap as a really nice lady on facebook offered to send me them free - but I said I couldnt have that and I WILL send her something back =)
(so now it is a swap) =)

                               3rd Swap: My sisters keeper DVD and Uraban Decay Products
- Swapped for 2 tops and 3 face masks =)

4th swap - Was fake items so Ive sent them back to the swapper !

I am just loving swapping at the min !! +)
I Have another swap on its way - Will edit this post when its here =)
Let me know about some of the swaps that You have done =)
Comments Welcome =) x

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  1. Wow great swaps Aimee.I joined that site you recommended (bigwardrobe)i will have a closer look at it when i have more time.It's a great site so thanks for giving me the heads up :)
    Happy new year to you Aimee. xx
    P.s thank you so much for your kind words about my blog.Will get back to it now that xmas is out of the way. xxx