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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Soap & Glory Lip balms


Avalible in boots for 5.00 each
3 Flavours to collect.
 - SWEET Coconut
- JUICY Peach
- Cherry and chocolate

each come in a tin!


Coconut - clear with gold and pink glitter bits in it - I found it dissapointng in boots that they had no proper tester when you pulled the draw out it had a plastic bubble which tried to describe the product - Crap! And if it handnt been for a product that somebody had already opened that I stolen a sniff off I wouldnt have brought eaither of these as I wouldnt have known how nice they were!

Gorgeous packaging and harder to loose than lip balms in sticks!

This juicy peach one is my fave of the 3 due to scent and colour - they really are adorable!

Love this so much - the peach one goes everywhere with me!

These have a self life of a year after opening (so say the packaging)
Retail for 5.00 each from boots, very worth it when you take into account lush charge 4.50 for a tinny tinny tin and you need to warm it up to high heaven before you can get it to a nice consitancy to even put on your lips!

I love these. I want the cherry one but very unsure of the colour as I like nude lips!
We will see.


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