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Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Look fashion haul - Just the shoes at the min!

Newlook Fahion Haul

(Rare post)

I have never been one much for clothes due to the fact I had having to admit to being certain sizes. So I have worn old scruffs for years option to select jewlerry and make up and general nick naks & shoes when out. But its time I put a stop to all that and finall fessed up and brought some clothes.

So Wednesday was pay day. I stayed up and browsed online hoping to book centre parks 3 days away only to find out that the cheaper accomodation had gone and that they now wanted 500.00 for 3 days yes 500.00 which dont include activities/food or petrol or the fact id have to buy wellies and things to take with me. It was just not possible especially with having to pay back an overdraft - sky high phone bills and rent!

Anyway after being depressed that ive not been away since i was 16 and now could not even go away for a few days I seen new look was having a sale on.

Here are the shoes I got...

I have been wanting these shoe boots for ages - these were  full price for at 20.00

Blue dolly shoes with very small golden studs - feel lovely RRP. 15.99 I think I paid 8.00 for these maybe even possibly 6.00 - Now obviously SOLD OUT.

Woven leather shoes in white - supposed to be 19.99

I paid 8.00 for these. Sole of shoe is very slippy!

Ballet shoes in nude! I love these shoes - was going to buy them in store but in store the pair in my size seemed to be coming un glued! These feel so nice and soft and lovely - I paid full price at 7.99

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  1. Hi Aimee,
    welcome back,ive not seen your posts for a while and always enjoy reading them :)

    1. Hello hun - Thanks so much I had a lot on due to illness etc but intend to start again and this time with a lot of posts <3 x