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Monday, 19 March 2012

Avon Haul

Various items I got this time round from Avon!

Travel Bag which was around 14.00 usuall brochure price is 18.00 I think. It is a nice enough bag but I think Primark could do the same for around 9.00 in fact I beleive they do. So not really that impressed! We will see how long it lasts! I am thinking of jazzing it up aswell a bit!

From the clearance booklet I decided to try some of the following from planet spa range as I have never had a hot oil treatment before I given that a go for 1.80 I think it was. Shame it didnt come with any instructions. I found some advice on youtube though. And I got a variety of face masks and is also a scrub aswell and these were all 1.50 each which isnt bad for a mask in a tube! I also got the bath soak as I thought it would be very relaxing and a good replacement for lush's lil baby bot. But I sadly dont think it comes close.

I love the fergie perfumes. I tried the perfume of this last year and for xmas my mum got me the outspoken intense so I decided to get this set all 3 for 20.00 - 30ml perfume, decent size lotion and a spray! And hair conditioner was 1.00 - Bargain.

Eye shaddow which I havent used yet. I got this as a freebie from my avon rep =)
ANEW lip plumping conditioner 5.00
and Ideal flawless pressed powder in the lightest shade they do pretty sure this was 5.00 this time around.

Vanilla lipstick - smells gorgeous! Think this was 2.00
Other lipstick dont really smell nice and thats in 'never so nude' think this was 4/5 pounds
Nail fortifier in sale 1.50
A glimmer stick which was also a freebie from my avon lady!
Eye shaddow stick in a chocolate colour and a highlight shade around 4.00 this was

Thats all <3

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