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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

-Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection

Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection

This offer was out last year and I really wanted it, but being at uni I couldn't really afford to get it in the end. However I have a new job and get paid soon. And want some new make up preferably good quality and a mixture of everything as seen here. The offer is buy a perfume from estee lauder and get this kit which is 310.00 on its own for 50.00. I love the red case and the red clutch bag and sure they will be high quality too! So its a no brainer. I have only ever tried one thing from estee lauder though and that was a eye shaddow duo. I did use one whole eye shaddow from the duo. I hope everything else is just as good, so that I wont be dissapointed if I get this kit.

They did the same offer last year with some variations in kit content as well as the actual case. Im glad I waited as I like is years case better than the one that was on offer last year.

The make up brushes dont look like the best quality
and the colours in the pallette - there seems to be a lot of blues and quite darkish colours.
And of course I need to decide what perfume to get as you have to buy a perfume before you can get the kit for 50.00 x

Here is the kit....

Comments and thoughts please =) x


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