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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Life update &Lush Mad...

Hey People...

I have not posted anything on here for over a month, I am so sorry... but the good news is atleast I have a lot to say =)

Firstly I would like to do a quick little brag if I may... lol... I am now officially in my 3rd year of uni and have a date  for my final bursery payment and final date for our portfolios!
Bad news however is we have a exam before xmas... Maths & Pharmacology...  Argh!

Anyway Let me Tell You About Some Stuff I have brought....

Snow Fairy !

Snow Fairy 500mls - Im so impressed with this (Never had this  before its my 1st Lush xmas too)
- You  can use this as body wash and SHAMPOO ! so amazing !

American Cream - Double strength Conditioner.

American Cream...  Just had my hair dyed so wanted a really good conditioner so got a small one and the Lurved it tht much got a 500ml. Double strength conditioner.

Lush Aqua Marina Cleanser, £5.00
This is exactly everything my skin needs to survive all my slap.. amazing and you only need a Tiny amount this will go along way...! I dont think it smells too good, but its tht good I am willing to put up with the smell =)

Woosh shower Jelly!

This is TOTALLY amazing, super smooth, smells great, lasts ages, value for money and wakes u up in the morning ready for lectures - who can say fairer than that !

Snow Globe Soap!
Snow Globe | SOAP

ZESTY smell i would say, absolutely amazing, so pretty. Not used it yet though =)

To Follow...
These are the things I ordered from lush so should be here v.soon hopefully:

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