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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Haul LUSH, primark & River Island & Boots + Foundation Rip OFF !

Hey I decided to go to lush inroder to get my free face mask as I had x5 clean and empty pots.
I seen river island had a sale and all items in the sale had an additional 50% off !! Only for today and tomorrow though! - so had to go there.. I dont know if this is online aswell you could check.

I went to boots because I needed new foundation - trying a bourjois one this time. Never had a bourjois one before! + Foundation Rip off...

Anyway lets get on with it...

                          I have have here two new items I have not tried yet... which are too drunk (emotibomb) which was 2.25 & once a year massage bar which was around 4.00. I have here 'up you gets' emotibomb aswell. Which ive had twice before had a little bit of a cold a few weeks ago and used this and I could actually smell it and it was so nice... so thought i would get a back up for the winter.

So I decided to get cosmetic catastrophie as this has blueberrys in.. smells like a gorgeous yoghurt =) I have not had this one before so can not wait to try it =), I also got R&B to try and save my damaged dyed hair. And I have used the shower jellys before but decided to get calacas as this is a lush haloween special... I also got one for my bf he has the green one.

Thats it from lush... On to Primark !!

 Little Glow Cheek : Cheeky little name I think... =)
Lovely Blusher really impressed with the colours and the mirror is a magnifing mirror. 5 strips of different colour. 1st strip is like a goldy white, 2nd is a really light pink, 3rd is a dark brown, 4th is a really nice light brown, 5th is a dark pink. ( All look really pigmented) I got this for 1.00 ! in the sale, Not the 3 pound that it says on the sticker!!
If thats not enough of a bargain... It says it has ingredients which help care for your skin!
I have looked at the ingredients and im guessing they mean.

 Travel set. x3 bottles x3 pots and a small funnel.. I brought this so I can give family and friends samples of my luish products/ carry lush products around with me. Etc. The whole set cost 1pound! Normal Price !

 I have one of these purses already, but my mum seen it and liked it so its part of her xmas present now. And the bracelet with roses in it is just gorgeous !! Both of these were 2pounds each!! yay for primark !!

I also got 2 plunge bras from primark and a night shirt but I wont show you them =) the bras were 5pounds each anyway and the night shirt was in the sale at 3.00.

Next Riverisland....
This top was in the sale at 10 pounds but with the 50% off on top of the sale price (two day only special) It was 5pounds!! I dont think I could have got it from primark for that. Hopefully I will use it and it wont just be at the back of the wardrobe... =)
I also got a coat style jacket for 7.50 but it didnt photograph well so I didnt upload it.

Next Boots... New Foundation...

So I am trying this new bourjois foundation  which is called 'healthy mix' and has Abricot, melon - hydration, Apple - anti-oxydant and ginger to tone. This was on offer I think you get 2 pounds off ! Not exactly sure though it is 30mls... in shade 55 as I have a darker hair colour so need darker foundation. This has a pump mechanism which I think sends the product all the way up.

Anyway The rip off stage... Look how much foundation is left in the maybelline bottle that I can not get out for the life of me... I intend to smash the bottle which is glass and put the product I get out in one of the pots I got from primark. I asked the lady in boots if the 30mls it says u get takes into account for the bit that is left at the bottom and she says she dont think so No. WHAT A RIP OFF. Im never going to get one of these style bottels again: Whilst the pump system is flashy: ITS A RIP OFF !! - I will be contacting maybelline hopefully to find out about this. I love maybelline foundation but I cant put up with this... x

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