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Friday, 29 October 2010

Im still in LOVE with LUSH !

Im still in love with Lush !

This is my updated collection (Not including the items I have in the bathroom or at my mums house..) Important Message: I brought every single item with my OWN money ! Appart from the small glogg which I swapped with another member of lush's facebook fan page ! I am not showing off the idea of this is for people to see a item/s I have and request a reveiw. Or comment asking me more infomation on it.. and letting people know what is avalible out there.. And another thing: I DO NOT WORK FOR LUSH ! I am just really passionate about their products!

1. Bath bombs and bubble bars: I have not used any of these. As I do not have a Bath where im living at the moment. I have however in the past tried candy can bubble bar and butter ball. So I can only comment on these two items.

I have been storing them in this box... altho only the vanilla fountain came on the vanilla scoop gift set. The bubble bars (pink and white) is the comforter... The blue bubble bar is blue skies and fluffy white clouds. The rest are a mixture of space girl (blue/lilac space ship), gweneths couldron, butter ball, sex bomb,, fizzbanger, geo phyzz (green one) and tisty tosty (white heart shaped).

2. Mixture.
2. Giner bread house xmas gift, large snow fairy hair and body wash, vanilla dusting powder, glogg shower gel, you snap the whip, mange too, each peach and twos a pair, shine shampoo bar, honey i washed the kids soap, snow cake soap, chunks of fresh pharmacy, happy hippy shower gel, rose soap. sweetie soap due (rockstar and godmother), vanilla dee lite hand and body lotion, sexy peel soap, sample of lemslip soap, celestrial, glorious mud, angels on bare skin, karma soap, retread (x3 action conditioner).
 comment for a reveiw on any of these/any questions you have.!

3. snow globe slices, honey i washed the kids slices, sugar babe suger scrub, helping hands hand cream, lip dip lip exfoliator, charity pot (lotion) hottie massage bar, after 8 massage bar (retro), strawberrry fields forever massage bar, buffy in tin, karma soap, big american cream. Comment with any questions/reveiws you want doing.

4. Here we have: Dream cream, fair trade foot lotion, iced wine, snow globe sample, karma, snow cake, glitter bug massage bar, lip service lip balm, the olive branch, rose soap sample, lady katrina soap sample, vanillary perfume, sample of the breast firming cream, iced wine (xmas edition shower jelly).

Please comment below/follow I will get back to you in regards to comments and follow you back =) I also have 2 magic shower jellys for swaps! small tubs BRAND NEW. COMMENT for infomation or to make a swap offer.
See you soon, Aimee x
For infomation on prices go to. www.lush.co.uk


  1. Hi Aimee
    I've replied to you on my blog :) I'd love you to do a review of Queen of Hearts as it's one of the few products i haven't tried! Ta muchly x

  2. Oh my goodness! I honestly dont think I've ever seen a bigger collection of Lush goodies outsire of an actual shop!!

    I dont s'pose you could recommend a good solid shampoo (I've tried Godiva) and face mask? (I've only tried Love Lettuce and Cupcake) cos it looks like you're a big of an expert when it comes to the products and to be honest I just couldnt afford to try everything I'd like! :)

  3. Face mask I would deffo try : BB seaweed ... It made my complexion look even and my frekles seemed to fade =) i was red blotchy before.

    Solid shampoos Ive not used one except for renincarnate - which keeps brown hair alive basically... its from the retro range. I used that last night smells awful and hard to lather but makes ur hair so soft!

    I may be going to the event today... only want to calacas shower jellys and i have 5 black pots to exchange for a facemask, but if they have a offer where u get a goody bag I will spend the minimum u have to inorder to get goody bag... xxx

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  6. thanks much :) I'll pick them up next time i'm in Lush (probably tue cos i have the day off work) and the reincarnate should suit me cos i have naturally dark brown hair!