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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cute farm pics and Lush - Wat more can a girl want =)

Hey everyone =)
Today it was a weird one we went to a farm un planned but it was wiked in the end and even in the ridiculous amount of rain ... here are some really cute pics... plus I need to do a Lush HAUL .... =) PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS =) AND EVEN BETTER THAN THAT FOLLOW ME =) AND ITS A WEEK BEFORE ME AND MY BF MOVE BACK TO UNI =) WHOOOO! NO MORE PARENTS....

It was raining to day so i had to put my hair up hence why i look stuppid =(
Anyway : Me and Horseey !!

This LIL CHOCOLATE COLOURED FELLA decided that he had, had enough of waiting for a feed and eatwen his own sign so nobody could know his name or anything about him - maybe he wanted to keep his infomation confidential =)
he had a calf paddy!! haha

I got to feed this lamb ( I no he looks bigger =/ ) His eye has also came out a weird blue on my phone's camra...

This lil kid was amazingly cute and had the smallest cutest milk teeth lol haha, and hes a funny colour ! bless him.. look at his tiny horns....

mummy or daddy goat! =/

Fat pigs !

Oh and i decided to jazz up this dudes hair do lol haha he loooves it =)
Hope u liked the pics some cute some not so cute lol =/

So Lush.... and some things I didnt put in the haul of stuff that i got friday the 20th (pay/bursery day)

I know im into lush and all but these are great - quick and easy - dont have to keep cool - small handy storable packaging - so so what? if im not bein as natural as I could be... anyways i piked these guys up from asda for 1.00 each... in clairs and in some newlook stores that have them i know they are 1.50
Tesco are doing 3 for 4.00 however the tesco i was in only had 2 varieties of the mask - so i thurt hmm... wats the point... please if any 1 knows where I can get them cheaper... leave me a comment I will be gratefull =)

grape fruit face wash:
So I had a samplefrom a magazine of the neutrogena face mask and it was lovely so i brought the product the gel and the scrub... superdrug 2 for 5.00 however in asda they have them on offer at 3.00 each if you just wnated one! - the scrub is not as harsh on the skin as I would have liked though I will say that.

 Burts bee's: The baby bee from burts bee's im using as a under eye cream at the moment and its great and wats even better is that I brought the whole jar from 5.00 from the market lady in packaging the lot... i understand this is 12.00 usually somebody said =/ let me know if thats wrong

The foundation was 5.00 first time i had tried this foundation however i just wanted something. anything than mac studio fix fluid makes me look like death on photos and generaly makes me have hidious spots, i CUD SLATE It untill the end of time so ill stop now =)

max factor eye shadows (I have the gold and silver) I got from the market again for 1.00 each !! and they are brilliant !!!

Lush : I got the Blonde shampoo (solid) 46.50 per 1kg : my chunk cost 5.67 apparently the shampoo puc's last around 80 washes so we will see how long that big chunk lasts me - im that sad i may even keep a tally in my bedroom cuz i wanna no stuff like that.

Sweetie pie shower jelly smells like all the black jelly tots crushed down. Gorgeous: Have not used it yet... think they have changed the pots for these now as you can see in the pic but somehow product was still getting out as it leaked on my pj's. Have not used this yet, I think this was around 3.00. And the tub has a take me back to lush sticker so that must be in with the 5 pots to take back and get a free face mask =) kool =)

I then got honey i washed the kids soap 29.50 for 1kg. my chunkl was 2.95 !
I got this after getting this in a set for my bfs MOTHER - ekkk
and i liked it so i brought my own chunk =) yay !!

Then after hating rehab shampoo I decided to try a small dadyo which is fantastic - looks like purple nail varnish the way the colours and everything mingle its actually mesmerising lol... used this once and I do see a different in the way my hair straightens... i used this shampoo with the conditioner i got ccoolaulin (WITH CREAMED COCO NUT AND LEMON JUICE) so think one of these is the brilliant culprit =) or both in conjunction with each other.. but this is amazing...

anyway please leave your comments and follow me - I am new to the blogging world as you can see - would love to see ur comments and suggestions =)
-and folow me if u like =)
yay, cya soon everyone !!

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