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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lush Mad... Still =)

Im A Lush  Addict !!
My Lush Stuff not including whats in the Bathroom or at my parents house =)

Here are the things that I have brought in the last 2weeks, I love lush, and can no get enough of the stuff.
If you would like me to do a reveiw of any of the products in the picture then please leave a comment =)

Also leave comments on any good lush storage ideas you have.. right now mine is just in 1 of lush's hat boxes.

- I do intend on buying more stuff soon, want some more shower jelly, facial mousturiser and charity pot =) Plus maybe 2 more snow faires... , and another large american cream.

Other things I have recently brought have been...  these babies..  From river island in  the sale =) And also got the panda hat on the site and some gorgeous underwear from la senza but i wont show that off...  lol...

p.s. I am going to London THIS saturday Hopefully... does any1 have any shops they can suggest I go to... The last time I went to London I was in Year 6 and im s0on 21 it was that long ago lol...

please leave a comment if you have a suggestion =)


  1. No they are not snowballs dyed. We made it from scratch. We weren't going to because the instructions told us to buy ready-made muffins but we couldn't find any the right size so we made it instead. It was cheaper too.

  2. Wow! thats a lot of Lush stuff! I adore most of their stuff and try to pick up a few things every couple of weeks but it's not exactly inexpensive so I cant afford to splash out too often!

    Love the boots. It's a shame it's coming in to winter but at least you get to wear fantastic things like these :)