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Thursday, 19 August 2010

So Tomorrow...

So Tomorrow should be a wounderfull day =/ Hope I havent jinxed it now.

a) By boyfriend tim is coming to my house after he gets back from holiday =) yay I love you tim !!
b) Its pay day - yes I get my glorious nhs bursery =) whoop ! - even tho i have to pay my dads petrol costs to take me to placement and 2 phone bills! =(

 Its raining loads at the min today where i live, but I hope the market is on so I can get some lovely branded make up at cheap cheap cheap prices.. and fully size eyeshadows that are not in there proper cases for 1pound =) whoop whoop

If I dont manage to get any booty tomorrow from  the market I will take pics of what i got from the market on previous weeks! and will also defo buy any magazines with free gifts that i like and tell you about those 2 !

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  1. Yay, gotta love bursary day! I got a few goodies when I got mine last week. I'd love to see your market haul, i'm always on the lookout for bargains! We don't really have markets up here, but I get some good things in poundland!
    Good to see a fellow student nurse.

    Anna x