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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Primark and Benefit - first proper haul... If YoU Can Call it That....=) look =)

Hey everyone. This month I haven't been able to get loads of treats like I would have liked at im saving money for freshers week, but i thurt I would share with you some of the things that I did buy =) Hopefully you will think they are bargains... and please let me know what you think or of where you can buy similar products =) Thanks =)


These are the things I got from primark: scalf 3.00, patel salmon coloured bracelet 2.00, small purse/case in nude 2.00, long necklace 2.00 and the happy couple blush due was 50p !! ment to be 2.50 (that was the only item that was reduced with this little lot).
- I am wearing all of the things I got today, however I have not tried the happy couple yet... but the brush you get with is seems suprisingly uber soft =)

Make up market =)
each of the benefit things were in a little case littled 'the best of benefit' this set was 8.00 so 2.00 for each of the products =)
I got a clinique eyecream in nude sparkle. this was 5.00 from market with box
the foundation was 5.00 from market lady =)
I also got the baby bee moisturiser from the burts bee's range for 5.00 ment to be 12.00 in debenhams in understand =/ if any1 knows any different please let me know.

items i seen which i will be getting next month from market lady
- lemon aid - benefits eye primer is 8.00 from her
- dandelion 12.00
-benfits just peach face powder 12.00
- suger bomb 12.00
-mr frosty 5.00 from her
so they are all around half of the shop price... plus she has great items such as the barry m dazzle dusts all sealed and gosh items all at 1.00 each !!! amazing... please stay tuned cuz next month is guna b masive for make up =)

please comment as I am new to this and need help and advice lol... and let me know if you want anything reveiwing =)
thanks, aimee x

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  1. Hi Aimee,
    Its Lisa (magpieburns)
    Just wanted to let you know im following your blog.
    As you dont have paypal i dont mind letting you pay by chq or sending the cashmoneydosh,
    I will let you know when i will be posting the pictures of what im selling. To be honest its prob gonna be either tomorrow or Monday.
    Either way we will work summat out for ya.
    Oh and i WANT that pink rose bangle from Primark. Imma go out and buy it 2morrow. Yes i am!.lol