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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hey - Just me for now !

Hey, I thought I should just talk about my self for my 1st blog post.

This is my boyfriend tim and me - who I met in my 1st yr of uni =)
He does has got his degree in History now and is doing a masters, and I am doing my final yr this yr.
That means we get to stay together for another year =) yay!!
Next yr is going to be hard as we both finish uni and its job and house time. There is no way I can live with anybody other than tim or by my self. So Im gunna have to get on a money making/saving one in order to do this.

This is my puppy called Fudge who is bigger than this now (he is a boy - but looks like little girl in picture with that sweet face). My grandad got this dog for my sister but never got to see the puppy as he died before the puppy was ready to come away from his mum =(

Okay so I dont want to rant on and say everything so I have nothing to say, please leave any questions/ ideas/ general thoughts and ill get back to you - thanks.. please remember I am a NEWBIE... X
fOllow my Blog if u want =)


  1. Hey Aimee, cute pup hun and you and your fella look really happy. Good luck with the blog, it's addictive! x x


  2. thanks for the comment stacey, i was a little baby fresher in that pic lol about to go into my 1st yr now - it is addictive even when im feel tired i wqant to upload pics of the stuff i have brought how weird... i just dont feel confident enuff to appear on camra in front of youtube lol....x

  3. cute little puppy. aww bless.
    Your fella is very handsome. Lucky you.
    Great blog birdie.Looking forward to more posts from you