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Sunday, 17 June 2012

My nails inc collection

Updated Nails Inc Collection.

* I am collecting nails inc by various methods, magazines, swaps, buying online, buying in sales on nails inc website and buying pick and mix deals and also save by using my nails inc website, and some from nails inc lucky dip specials, NON of these were sent to me for FREE by the company!*

Orders over a certain amount get a free gift this was it:

Thought these were worth a mention LA colours 1.00 each brought from a one off seller online.
As was the REVLON

I also got these from the same person for 2.00 each =) 

Im storing some of them in a old body shop gift set box until I can get a special stand.

This is the shade that was sent to me when I became a VIP 
you get 10% off all orders
Save points for money off - I have had 5.00 off my last two order because of this
and I got a free full size varnish 
I find it very worth it =) 

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  1. Hey gorgeous. Loving the blog. (Wendy Sheil) LOving your blog hun. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Ooooooh so many pretties! I love Nails Inc but my collection pales in comparison to yours :-) xx