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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bodyshop event/haul.


The bodyshop were offering this saturday and sunday a chance to get 15.00 worth free for a 5.00 spend.
For love your body customers only (Their loyalty card)

The 1st purchase I brought another sea weed face wash and a lemon lip butter. I then got one of the perfumes FREE. I explained to the lady how much I loved this perfume and she said that I was on my 4th stamp so could get another perfume for 10.00 so all in I got both perfumes for 10.00 =) Great as this is limited ed. I would hate to see this perfume go though.

2nd payment: I got shea shower gel, chocomania shower gel and lemon puree, I got a face powder, and a moisture it face primer and got a free mascarra plus I had a voucher for 10.00 off with 25.00 spend.


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