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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Urban Decay Naked 1 Imposer

Urban Decay Naked 1 Imposer!

When on the facebook page of MUA I found that they had mentioned a new 12 shade eye pallet that would soon be out! I brought this online with my own money, costing 4.00

Here is the comparison 

Photo 1... Do you see the similarities?

Photo 2...

Prob not the best picture but...

Just incase....

Mua  1- virgin
Mua  2  - sin
Mua 3 - Naked 
Mua 4 - Sidecar
Mua 5 - Buck
Mua 6 - Half Baked
Mua 7 - Smog
Mua 8 - Darkhorse
Mua 9 - Toasted
Mua 10 - Hustle
Mua 11 - Creep
Mua 12 - Gunmetal


Left is Mua 1 and Right is Urban decay Virgin!

Left is Mua shade 2 Right is Urban Decay Sin

Left is Mua shade 3 Right is urban decay Naked

Left is Urban decay Sidecar Left is Mua shade 4

Left is Mua shade 5 Right is Urban decay in Buck

Bottom is Mua shade 6, Top is urban decay 1/2 baked

Bottom is Urban decay smog and top is Mua shade 7

Can you actually really tell with this?
Top is Dark Horse
Bottom Mua shade 8

Left is Mua shade 9 and Right Urban decay Toasted

Bottom is Urban decay Hustle and top is Mua shade 10

Left is Mua shade 11 Right is Urban decay shade Creep

Left is Mua shade 12 and Right is urban decay Gunmetal

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