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Friday, 18 May 2012

The start of a nails inc obsession. Inc. Jubilee.

The start of an obsession with nails inc.

Being in a job where we are wearing nail varnish would get you the sack ive always seen it as a complete waste of time! but Ive started wearing nail varnish on my feet and I will be doing something with my nails whilst on holiday!

Ive had nails inc polishes before 1st some were free with a mobile phone I got years ago and then whilst I was at uni some were free with magazines. But I swapped them all as I thought I didnt really have any use for them.

*Im back stronger than ever now starting my collection though*

Here we go...


I ordered these on sunday =) From nails inc and received them Wednesday =)

The nail varnish that made me order was Jubilee.

With is limited and special ed. I brought two. One for me and one for a beauty box swapper for a suprise swap box.

Can be found here 15.00 EACH!

The next one really caught my eye as well and is so pretty =)


The next two were free as a gift....

farringdon crackle top coat & Chelsea

And last but not least the 2 freebies I own from the magazines.

Peach sorbet & Bluebell but im sure you guys will all know what they look like.

and I have another one coming in a swap (one of the shades given in the beauty boxes recently I dont know the name) x

When I have a lot more added to my collection I will do a collection post =) x

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  1. I love the look of the diamond nail jewellrey one :)