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Friday, 18 May 2012

Bodyshop New summer perfumes & Lotions.



*I have seen a lot of blogs where the bodyshop must have sent them items to post up for free*
WARNING: I have a genuine love for the body shop and these were all brought with my own hard earned cash I have email receipts as these were purchased online. Therefore you are promised a genuine honest reveiw.

I didnt buy these all at once & today I received the last products for the set.
Here is a group photo showing the perfumes and the lotion to match.

All perfumes are 60ml and retail for 15.00 each.
All lotions are 250ml and retail for 9.00 each.

1. Love etc sun kiss.
This is my fave =)
This summery fragrance is a blend of jasmine and fresh nectarine notes. It is deliciously light, upbeat and cheeky. Perfumer Dominique Ropion says, “I used nectarine with an unexpected solar accord, perfectly embodying the scent of summertime.”
The scent stays on well but I love it so much I got the lotion to enhance the gorgeous smell.

As this is limited ed. I would deffo like perhaps another 3/4 bottles of this its stunning.

2. Dreams unlimited sun fresh. My 2nd fave.
I already have an extra bottle of this for a back up =)

This summery fragrance is a blend of neroli blossom and refreshing watermelon notes. It is vibrant, energising and as refreshing as a splash in the ocean. Perfumer Loc Dong says, “I added freshness with sea spray and fruity watermelon for an unexpected fragrance fusion.”

And it is soooo fresh.

3. White musk sun glow

My least fave but still nice

This summery fragrance is a blend of peony, soft peach notes and a shot of zesty lemon. It is elegant, seductive and feminine. Perfumer Domitille Bertier says, “I brought a joyful and luminous touch to this iconic musk by adding a zing of lemon and a dash of amber.”

The bottles and the colours are so nice. I love them.

Have you tried any of these yet and what did you think?
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