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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Do your face a favour

Do your face a favour.

Give it a treat with a face mask.

Here are my most fave face masks which I see REAL results with.

(Sorry for the dull photo)

1. Honey and Oat 3 in 1 scrub Mask By THE BODY SHOP.

RRP. 9.00

This three-in-one face mask cleanses, polishes and moisturises normal to dry skin. Gently removes dead skin cells,Smoothes and refines, Moisturises and conditions,Weekly treatment.

This is great for any skin type really although Its the one I use least of due to my skin being oily but this helps to rescue my skin if I over-do the purifying regime =) It smells gorgeous like toffee and honey and all those kind of naughty things. I love this mask!

2. Seaweed ionic clay mask by THE BODY SHOP.

RRP IS 12.00

This revitalising clay mask cleanses skin and controls excess oil, Draws out impurities, Clarifying, Refreshing.

I love this mask for helping me tone the oil down and help to control it. It leave a purifying and refreshing real like the bodyshop describe.

3. Blue corn 3 in 1 deep clensing mask by THE BODY SHOP.

RRP IS 9.00

This three-in-one cleansing mask cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises normal to oily skin. Gently cleanses the skin, Removes dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities, Moisturises, leaving skin feeling soft, Weekly treatment

I like the mask as it does exactly what its supposed to (see above)

4. Warming mineral mask by THE BODY SHOP.

RRP IS 9.00

This cleansing mask for all skin types warms on contact with wet skin. It leaves skin clean and revitalised.Cleansing,Oil-absorbing, Weekly treatment.

I love this mask because it warms whilst on your face and it lifts oil from within the skin. Great for oily skin types.

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