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Friday, 5 August 2011

Haul. Bodyshop, hotel chocolat, yankee candles etc + Woburn safari park.

A huge update.

I recently went on a rare shopping trip =)

Here is a few pics - not everything I got is included.

Bodyshop: They had a online offer where if you spend 40 pounds you got 20pounds off so 1/2 price right? And was free delivery. I had to make to orders though in order to get 80 pounds worth of stuff for 40 pounds - Obviously this is not all of it =)

I needed a bronzer but as I am as pale as casper I was very worried - But loved the look of this baked one - I had a look through some of the feedback on the site for this bronzer and decided to go ahead this is shade 01. Glad I did get this bronzer. Its excellent quality and will last me years and no messy balls everywhere =) Was ment to be 18.00 got his for 9.00 =) NOT BAD

The blush for more stubtle days was supposed to be 12.00 and got this for 6.00.

I have used many primers including benefit, loreal etc etc and had to wipe many of them off along with the foundation they have been that awful. Dispite a few reveiws of this primer not being good - I was totally impressed by it and will deffo buy again .

The rainforest mask 3.00 for 50mls normall price. 1.50 I got this for, because of how damaged and how long my hair is I did only get 2 uses out of it so glad I only paid 1.50. Was good and did notice a different for the better in my hair. However to expensive to continue to use really.

The coconut hair shine is amazing. REALLY SORTED MY DRY SPLITTING ENDS OUT - if you dont buy anything from the body shop for the next 10 years get this - truely amazing.

Cucumber clenser 2.00 normal price 4.00 brought back from the 80s range I do beleive - amazing for dry sensitive skin does help to calm - even out skin tone and prevent spots I found

Cucumber toning water 2.00 normal price 4.00 also from 80s range. Brilliant to cool and sooth the skin especially after using a facial scrub or soemthing like that. I repurchased this a few days after i received this inorder to ensure I was stocked up .

The bodyshop bannanna shampoo and conditioner. 2.00 each payed usually 4.00 each.
Amazing really do smell like bannannas and so lovely to use - shampoo lathers up really well. Sweet smelling, soft, well groomed looking hair. Truely amazing. This is my 2nd round of these products and will deffo buy again.

Raspberry ripple shower gel. I thought this would smell of rasperrys and vanilla for some reason as if it would be raspberry ripple ice cream. However it really does smell just as raspberrys - imagen bursting a rasberry and smelling it - thats exactly what this is like. truely gorgeous this is also usually 4.00 I payed 2.00 =)

I decided to get a little bit og luxery whilst reading and chilling over my weekend off spent with the bf so I picked these up supposed to me 3.50 each but if you got 3 or more you payed 2.95 each. They are nice but nothing thorntons couldnt do for less. happy with quality of product but next time will go to thorntons.

The inside of the blueberry chocolate =)

yankee candle tartlets on offer for 55p each =) whoop !

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  1. love the body shop stuff,the choc looks yummy and i just love yankee candles,great haul :)