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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bargain carboot loot number 2 =)

If there is one think I hate.... 
Its missing out on a good bargain!

So last night I search for local car boot sales in the area!
To the disappointment of my boyfriend who had to get up early !

Anyway lets crack on with it ..........

  • Hawaian topic: lime coolada after sun 20ml sample =) 5p !
  • Mark Hill sexy straight 50p
  • Barry M crackle polish 315 blue 50p (suprised these hit the boot sales so early)
  • The john freda hair spray was 40p
  • The dark blue thing that other stuff is sitting on is an estee lauder mirror which was 50p
  • The highlight of the whole carboot sale was the clinique eye shaddow for 2.00 (the shade is Victorian pink) Love it !
  • Ruby and Mille lipstick which is in NUDE and is a Sheer... 20p

 Books =)

Boy soldiers of the great war - she wanted 10p for it - but I felt that was cheeky so I given her 50p same with the before I say goodbye book (she wanted 10p) and I given her 50p

The 2 katie books were 50p each ! (not bad for the hardback ones as some people wanted 50p for the soft back ones.

The boy in the stripped pj's was 50p

Before I die was free as it was badly damaged - so I brought another book off her which is fiction (Im not that good with fiction though) - I like what I read to be true life accounts of things. =/


I seen a gok book there which I wanted but the woman wanted 4pounds for it based on its 20.00 RRP... she had obviously never done a carboot sale before ! =( Never mind... Ill find one and still no bobbi brown book turned up (or maybe it did and I missed it - who knows) =) 



A necklace brand new from Disney store for which says 'who is the fairest of them all' on it with a Rosie apple. And the little locket at the top =) was 30p =) 

Please please please !!!
Leave me comments on what you think of the stuff I got !
& If you have been sensible and gone bargain hunting please let me know what you got =)
lets swap stories =) 
<3 it, absolutely <3 it =) 


  1. i love a good car boot haul :)

  2. and me hun =) did u go this sunday =) did u pick up any carboot bargains??? xxx